First Day Of …home

As many of my loyal {and totally awesome} readers know, my hours have been cut back at the gallery to three days a week due to the recession and today is my first official day at home. And I am sick. So really, it just feels like a sick day.

That said, I clearly have ample time on my hands to tell you this little story …that will end up being way too long, I’m sure of it.

Remember that ticket I got where the cop was sneakily waiting on a hill at the end of the month for people to roll through the stop sign? Um, hello, it’s California? Along with that ticket, the SUPER NICE COP also cited me for not having plates on my car yet {even though it was new and I had my plates with me in the car which I showed to him}.

Not realizing I needed to do anything further, I sent in my check for $169 months ago only to have it returned to me with a note that said I had to go to the courthouse and get a “proof of inspection” done.

I absolutely hate dealing with this kind of thing and decided last week to just pay the $287 bail option without getting the inspection done. But when I called, the lady on the phone told me that I couldn’t go to traffic school if I did this. Which of course, left me with one week to get it done.

We all know that the high hopes I had had for my vacation fell through and like everything else, I kept putting this off and off and off. Until yesterday, after work. When I finally decided to go to Van Nuys and take care of this. Mind you, the payment and proof of correction is due on January 7th. Tomorrow.

Last week on the phone with the nice lady who told me if I didn’t do this I couldn’t go to traffic school, also was nice enough to tell me what to do to get this inspection done.

Her instructions:
Go to Delano street, park your car and wait there for an officer to come out and do the inspection.

Sounds easy enough? Right?

So, I went yesterday and did exactly what the nice woman said. But when I got to Delano Street, there were no signs, no officers, no NOTHING indicating what to do and where to go. After driving up and down the street looking for some indicator, I finally parked, put a dollar in the meter and decided to walk {about 60 yards} to one of the two courthouses located in the plaza.

As I was walking towards the two large buildings, I saw a small covered area that said Administration and a woman speaking to a man and pointing. I thought, Perfect! I’ll ask her what to do, assuming she was the one doing the helping. As I made my way closer, I realized this was just a map, like at the mall, with a YOU ARE HERE pointer and as I approached, the two were walking away.


But then the man turned and saw me there and walking closer asked “Can I help you find something?”. When I looked at him expectantly he said …”Just joking! I don’t really work here but I was just helping that girl”. Totally thrown off, I said oh, well, I have no idea where to go either but I guess I’ll figure it out.

With a bit of pushing, the man sort of forced me to talk to him and right after I said I would just go into the courthouse and ask them what to do, he got a bit closer and asked “Well, can I take you out to dinner or for some coffee?”.

Honestly, I’m always floored by this sort of proposal. Not only because when I am out in public {especially in areas that are not exactly the safest place for me to be walking around} I do my absolute best to look unapproachable. If this makes me a bitch, so be it. It is my survival mechanism. But in reality, it doesn’t seem to work at all because the craziest of crazies all think they can just ask me out and tend to be heartbroken when I decline.

I kindly said thank you but no and walked into the Superior Court where the woman officer was standing and asking me to put my bag through the scanner. I refused and told her that I was there for the proof of inspection traffic ticket -whatever you call it. And she told me to go back out on Delano street to the “stalls” where an officer would go out at 4pm to do the inspection.

It was ten to four. Awesome!

I walk back out …STALLS? WHAT STALLS? There was nothing. And no one to help. Seriously WtF?

As I was walking back to my car I finally saw another officer whom I stopped to ask the same question and he told me to GO INSIDE TO THE SUPERIOR COURT. I replied, I just came from there and she told me to come out here and park my car in front of the “stalls” to wait for an officer to inspect my vehicle! He pointed across the street and told me to park my car and wait over there. {why do cops have to be such assholes, by the way?}

FINALLY I HAD A DESTINATION. It took 30 minutes and 120yards to figure out where the hell to go but at this point I was relieved.

I parked my car in front of the “stalls” which were not stalls at all but two small signs {shorter than and thus obstructed by cars} and got out of my car to wait for the officer. Another 10 minutes and finally the cop comes over, takes my ticket, checks that both my front and back plates are on, signs it, hands it back to me and starts to walk away. I said, WAIT! Don’t I have to pay 15$ for this? {only knowing because of the helpful lady on the phone} “Oh yes” he said and pointed to the building. THANKS FOR ALL THE INFO SUPER NICE LAPD!!!

I grab my purse intending to walk BACK into the courthouse and he says “Oh, you can’t leave your car here, you have to park it at a meter”.


I got back in my car and luckily eyed a metered spot right across the street, parked and got out to walk another 60 yards back into the building.

As I’m walking towards the other building {and still really not knowing where to go}, the cop who just signed off on my ticket was ahead of me but kept looking back. The third time he looked back I asked nicely “Am I following you?” and he shook his head No. WTF? Serious confusion.

I had been there for over an hour by this point walking back and forth in the shittiest part of town {knowing the only reason I actually was safe was because of all the cops}, in the boots I was wearing yesterday which where KILLING by this point because my cold was starting to take over my entire body.

I made it to the other building, where I had to ask yet again where to go, put my belongings through the scanner {like at the airport} to go wait in line behind more people who have no idea what they are doing and of course, it smells like a dirty public bathroom.


By this point, I was completely ignoring the large sign in front of me that yelled TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES …and was texting the husband KILL ME. KILL ME NOW.

And all of this hassle. All of this time and money wasted for not waiting at the DOWNHILL stop sign for the required 3 seconds {in the hills and at a half intersection where there is no possible way for me to actually inflict any harm on any person or animal by rolling through the stop sign – where the asshole cop was just WAITING for someone or twenty people to do this} and not having my plates on in a timely fashion …still most likely will not deter me from doing it again and again.

In fact, when I was 16, and had just finished my in car drivers test, the one thing that almost cost me my license was …rolling through the stop sign. I mean, it’s California for crying out loud. That’s what we do!

LAPD, this is for you! For being not only SUPER NICE but SUPER HELPFUL AS WELL.

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