Ivanka Trump Jewelry





wow. I mean. wow. I had no idea how amazingly beautiful and seductive Ivanka Trump’s line of Jewelry is. It’s just exquisite! Pave’ & especially micro pave’ diamond settings are my absolute faves and she nails it! Unfortunately it’s not in my budget even though it WAS half off at gilt.com and probably will be again at some point ..oh sigh …I’m dying for it. Isn’t it dreamy?

{apologies for my lack of posting anything other than fashion as of late …phases, you know}

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  • Pop Champagne

    May 19, 2009 |

    Yeah, her jewels are as beautiful as hers. But that’s just a tad it too much $$$ for me lol. I’m sticking to Tiffs 😀

  • Erin

    May 19, 2009 |

    ummmm…Im in LOVE!

  • macyaverage

    May 19, 2009 |

    I must say, despite it being a little too ‘blingy’ for my tastes, it is amaaazing. I had no idea she designed jewellery >.<

  • Vintage Tea

    May 19, 2009 |

    It would look great for an posh evening event!

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  • Adela

    May 19, 2009 |
  • janettaylor

    May 19, 2009 |

    I luv 1st and last one pieces!


  • TheBeautyFile

    May 19, 2009 |

    Those black earrings are stunning.

  • ~Trish~

    May 19, 2009 |

    I saw her stuff when they did an episode showcasing it on the Apprentice, it is very pretty!!

  • abster

    May 19, 2009 |

    ohhh i loveeeeeeee….esp the earrings

  • Aartee

    May 19, 2009 |

    oh that black and diamond ring is gorgeous!

  • Chris

    May 19, 2009 |

    Who knew? But they’re pretty, and reminiscent of Ivanka. If I were to image her creating jewelry, it would look like this.

    And yeah, I get the phases thing, too 🙂

  • Megan

    May 19, 2009 |

    Oh I love that ring!

  • Julia

    May 19, 2009 |

    I love the black and diamond combo! These are incredible pieces of artwork!

  • leticia-galsintheknow.com

    May 19, 2009 |

    I finally found you, I found your blog a while back and for some reason did not bookmark, FAB!
    I love anything Ivanka, I think she is a smart beautiful woman!
    check out my blog too, have my first giveaway!!

  • Milly

    May 19, 2009 |

    i saw her line for the first time at Gilt and was surprised how amazing they were….too bad it was way expensive even on Gilt

  • Miss at la Playa

    May 19, 2009 |

    it is surprisigngly elegant

  • Dream Sequins

    May 19, 2009 |

    They’re lovely. I wonder what her boyfriend is going to get her when they get engaged? Jewelers are tough customers 🙂

  • Bar-b

    May 19, 2009 |

    the drop black earrings are grrreat and the ring is awesome.

    this is the millionth time you’ve mentioned gilt.com, must check out now fearful I will bookmark).

  • J-Diggety

    May 19, 2009 |

    Hot damn, I want me some of that bling for my wedding… which is nowhere in sight of course, with me being single and all, but that’s besides the point!
    J 🙂

  • Miss Rosa

    May 19, 2009 |

    I never would have guessed that Ivanka’s stuff is actually really nice!

  • Missy

    May 19, 2009 |

    Really gorgeous stuff. Funny thing, I happened to catch Tori Spelling on HSN last night selling her new line of jewelery. It’s affordable but just so average. Ivanka got it right but too bad we all have to take out a loan to purchase it. 🙂

  • The Socialite

    May 19, 2009 |

    i didn’t either! Those are some great pieces! 😉

  • tailorstitch

    May 19, 2009 |

    wow some really amazing pieces!!

  • Miss Eve

    May 19, 2009 |

    Oh yes it’s absolutely gorgeous…

  • Hanako66

    May 19, 2009 |

    they are all stunning!

  • Tiffany

    May 19, 2009 |

    I have always loved her jewelry line. I perused the Gilt sale wishing I could buy something. Would love to see the pieces in person.

  • Kristin

    May 19, 2009 |

    That ring is amazing! But I don’t think the hubs is coming home with one of her pieces any time soon. Dangit.

  • Chessa!

    May 19, 2009 |

    I was at a restaurant in midtown for lunch a few years ago and it was really, really crowded. I was standing at the hostess desk giving my name for our reservation and suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder and it was Ivanka Trump. She said “oh. I’m sorry. You’re not my friend.” I was like “hello. no, I’m not.” it was two seconds and we both laughed. she is SO gorgeous. First of all, she’s like 6 feet tall…which is about 5 feet more than I am! and she is just simply beautiful. She was dressed very casually but it was so classic. She ended up having lunch at the table right next to mine and her friend did kind of look like me from behind except that her hair was much longer and MUCH frizzier. lol–of course I was annoyed at this. My hair has run my LIFE since I was 13…I’m obsessed with frizz and making my hair look like it doesn’t have any. lol 🙂

    oh and PS–these jewels are divine. love them. esp that eternity ring. sigh…

  • Bambola

    May 20, 2009 |

    They’re gorgeous! & I’m not a huge jewelry person. I love the black earrings & the chandelier ones too. Just stunning!

  • black vanilla rose

    May 20, 2009 |

    oo i didn’t know she had her own line. some stunners there that’s for sure xoxo

  • Chelsea

    May 20, 2009 |

    wow. talk about some classy bling.

  • BlondieLox

    May 21, 2009 |

    i am ALL about black diamonds!!!