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  1. beautiful photos…esp. the last one. 🙂


  2. wow, beautiful! especially the first one.

  3. I love how the colors pop against all the black. I can’t stop lusting after the blue velvet chairs. I’m sure he didn’t mean for them to be the focal point!

  4. I agree, beautiful photos!

  5. That first photo is outstanding. Lovely smooth tones and lighting. The compsoition with her gorgeous features standing out against the aquamarine background is stunning.

  6. beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous- especially the last photo.

  8. I really do need to start wearing fabulous head scarves when I cavort around in my convertible.

    Also, I need a fabulous head scarf.

    Any a convertible.

  9. he’s really good

  10. Stunning pictures!

  11. i like the first one – her tan, the blue eye shadow against the ocean as a back draft – stunning!

  12. ☼¨`*•.♥INDEED♥.•*¨`☼

  13. This reminds me-I need a personal photog. For serious.

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  15. where are all the animals?

  16. wow. these are completely amazing. I love the beautiful shades of blue in the first one. Hope you had a great weekend!

  17. Gorgeous. The last one is my favorite…her eyes are haunting!

  18. wow, these are gorgeous!! Very sensual.

    P.S new site is FINALLY up…woohooo 🙂

  19. so sexy but not in the obvious way. love that last photo.

  20. just gorgeous

  21. The colors in these photographs are really interesting. Each has a slightly warm, tropical feel, but none of them seem over-the-top or too stage-y.


  22. Wish he’d shoot me!

  23. gorgeous! i am so in love with your blog!

  24. Oh, I am a total photo blog whore, but I’m not that familiar with Tumblr. Do you need an invite?

  25. Beautiful photos!

  26. pic #1 is PERFECTO!!!

  27. wow. thank you for introducing me…never saw this work before. it’s fabulous.

  28. These photos are truly amazing, with a sophisticated twist to it. I wonder if I can have him fly to Manila.

    Love your style as well, and I’m so going to DIY that flower bib.

    Keep it up!

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