Fall 2010 Outfits my style what to wear now

Let the rain come down make a new ground

trovata, trovata plaid boyfriend shirtdress, plaid+leggings+leather boots+michael kors+ferragamo+ray bans+gate,

plaid flannel tunic and safety pin belt, trovata plaid boyfriend shirtdress

plaid tunic leggings leather boots and bag

plaid+flannel tunic+safety pin dress

tunic and leggings+ray ban aviators+long blonde hair

michael kors boots+safety pin belt+ferragamo bag

plaid and leather+michael kors motorcycle stiletto boots

What I’m Wearing
* Trovata plaid flannel boyfriend dress with pockets …from a GILT sale But there’s one here at Barney’s, a lightweight one at Piperlime on Sale – – I actually love this comfy little shirtdress but the only time I wore this was in the filming of our 101 Things to do with your lame LeBron jersey …speaking of LeBron, basketball season is starting soon and I’m kind of excited to watch the Lakers and the Heat this year {they’re playing each other on Christmas day} lol -sometimes it even cracks me up how much I actually enjoy sports
* Forever 21 black leggings
* Black pashmina scarf
* Safety pin belt …CLICK HERE FOR MY DIY – this one’s ridicEasy! {and also would look cute wrapped around the ankle of a pair of boots – a smaller version}
* Michael Kors stiletto motorcycle boots
* Ferragamo hobo bag
* Ray Ban Road Spirit polarized aviator sunglasses
* Hair: Slept in a loose french braid. I love the soft waves I get from it and it’s so easy to do in the morning – just take the braid out and fluff with fingers 😉

. . . at home

plaid tunic leggings and uggs dark

If you follow me on Twitter you’d know that as soon as I got home from work and directly after throwing off all of my accessories and exchanging my stilettos for UGGS, we busted mics out and played Def Jam’s RapStar on the Xbox {which I had secretly been looking forward to all day} for a good 2 hours. If you’re not sure what it is by the title, it’s basically Rock Band but with hip hop/rap songs {from Public Enemy & early Snoop & Dre to Kanye & Lil Wayne} instead of rock ….and OH MY GOD it’s so fun. The most fun actually is on Duet mode – where you get to rap back and forth with each other because rapping’s hard, yo! You’re so out of breath you HAVE to grab your crotch just to hold on! The only thing that would make it better would be MORE SONGS …and maybe adding some instruments like a DJ. {& I’m racing to get everything done today before the husband gets home so we can play again …yes, dorks.}

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