Rain in LA Can Suck it* & Blog {link} Love *

Wow. Today. Can suck it. Hard.

…and I’m blaming the rain …which soaked the husband and I whilst traipsing through and around and in and out of Santa Monica all afternoon in search for the entrance {um, and exit} to the hospital the FIL was recovering from hip replacement surgery in. He is a trooper! He had a new ball joint inserted in his body this morning and by the time we got there he was walking with his physical therapist {and he’s also a robot}. On top of that, he just called to chat about the Lakers which means he’s still awake!

The rain can also suck it for the awesome car ride home where we could barely see out the windshield, the added traffic, and I’m sure you’ve also heard how awesome LA drivers are when it rains. Yeah, not awesome at all.

The rain can suck it one more time for leaking through our office wall and window and getting everything all wet and soggy and wilted and luckily not shorting anything out considering all the outlets and adapters and modems are within inches of the area.

I mean, come on rain. Los Angeles does not know how to deal with you so why do you continue to torture us? Can someone please just put a large and industrial strength tarp over LA when it rains? {but can you make it remote operated?}

I should do the “25 Things” tag Sheri @ Sheri’s World tagged me with just to get me out of this whirlwind of negative thoughts swirling about the day’s events …but The Office and 30 Rock are coming on soon and I’m counting on that hour to change my mood for the better. Yeah, high expectations, you know it.

So in the meantime, I will combat my moodiness with acknowledging, accepting, showing my appreciation and passing on these wonderful blog awards. {and a little link love}

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will link them to your blogs via my awards page which is conveniently listed under my header next to my blogroll. I think by now we all know the rules of blog awards so I’ll make it short and sweet: Accept, Announce, Link, Pass on. {and a little link love}

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