The Amazon Kindle ~ I’m Kindling!

I love books. I love the way they look and I love to display them. However, the Kindle by Amazon, is amazing! It’s totally eco-friendly and much less expensive to buy books {after the initial price, of course} that automatically download to the Kindle in seconds via their own wireless connectivity called Whispernet. No computer necessary!

I was lucky enough to score the Kindle for Christmas …thanks to my fabulous husband! And while I haven’t finished reading Bergdorf Blondes yet {which is awesome by the way}, I have already downloaded Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen because I’ve never read it and always wanted to. It was $3.60 to download. Not that it’s that much more to buy the actual book but think about how many trees you’re saving!

The screen works like ink in books or newspapers but displays it in particles electronically. It’s super easy to read and doesn’t hurt your eyes because it reflects like regular paper. What’s also awesome is that there’s a built in dictionary so if you need to look up a word, you just click a button and type it in and voila! You can also highlight key points which save in a separate section on your Kindle that you can access at any time.

Not only do you get an over 200 book library of options to download, you can buy newspapers and blogs too! They let you sample the beginning of books for free to test it as well as a 14 day trial period for blogs. I just love it!

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