What does it mean? if anything at all

I woke up to a horrendous dream this morning and can’t get it out of my head.

Halfway through a regular dream I realized that all of our stuff was gone and that we had been robbed. What’s strange is that everything was replaced by an older version of itself. Old televisions with VCR’s now sat where the flat screens did and the couch was replaced by an old brown couch that I grew up on. Even the colors and textures of the house seemed to be replaced with a sort-of 1970’s version. All the pets were current with an added few.

I do remember in the middle of the dream thinking to myself that it was all just stuff and we didn’t need it anyway. [how big of me, I thought] …until I went into the office and realized my computer was gone – and then I really lost it. I just stared at an empty old brown desk.

The house was different than the one we are living in now but it was still our house.

The question is; is it a premonition? Then later, when – iF – it does end up happening, will I have a “déjà vu” sensation and forget I ever had the dream?

Well, now it’s documented! [but I’m hoping it was just a dream.]

Most dreams I have take place in a house. Sometimes it’s a version of a friend’s house that I frequented when I was young. But usually, it’s a very large house with basements and attics and lots of rooms and stairs and undoubtedly there is some sort of maze I have to make it through -sometimes only by swimming in the air. I know, weird.

I have heard that house dreams usually represent the self and the different levels of the house represent different levels of consciousness or aspects of yourself that need attention. But I dunno much more. All I know is that most of my dreams, or dreams that I remember, are revolving around a house. …and I do experience déjà vu OFTEN [in my waking hours, that is].

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  • Nanny Pants is on the loose

    July 1, 2008 | Reply

    yes, the house represents your mind and all the compartments which are taking up space and attention. You are very focused on getting new things and new space and often we repress the fears when daydreaming of our desires. Your mind won’t let you forget the fear which is driving your insatiable desire to “get moving” so to speak. Pay attention to that fear because when fear drives you and hides in the subconscious, you are usually concocting an elaborate web of expectation which inevitably does not happen as planned. Try to meditate on giving away the strong desires and surrendering to whatever is supposed to be. Maybe you are meant to live on a farm with no electronic gadgets and maybe it will be more glorious than you could ever have imagined. that’s my 2 cents.
    but what do i know? hahahaaa.

  • alis

    July 4, 2008 | Reply

    Very interesting subject. We have a saying in Turkish: “The opposite of dreams come true”, which would mean you will replace a lot of your current stuff with new ones! Well ok, I don’t really believe that. I had stumbled upon a little test somewhere (in Glamour I think), and it categorized different sort of dreams and adressed them to your worries/ambitions. For example 90% of my dreams involve an invasion of the planet, fighting, escaping, or being late and not being able to be ready to get out of the house etc. Test said my dreams meant that I actually felt like I was losing control of my life and was frustrated about it and was trying to fight against it in my dreams. Which was very true, I DID feel that way.
    I’m just making guesses here but maybe you are not feeling safe outside of your house and therefore always dream yourself in a house, surrounded by familiar things.
    Another guess, based on the house representing yourself, you having to go through mazes and such in a complex house could mean you are searching your true self maybe?
    Anyway I don’t think premonition dreams are literal, Most women in my family have such dreams and they are very symbolic, only the person who sees them can interpret them because only they know what those symbols are associated with in their heads.

    p.s.thanks for stopping by my blog!

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