What the frigg?

Yesterday I told my boss I’d have “it” done by Friday. Then immediately thought (and possibly stated aloud) “Well, now watch something go wrong”.

I got to work this morning at 8:50 and my one-month old iMac would not power on.

B l a n k. WTF?

So, after trying everything you would try – then calling the tech guy and manually switching out the ram, I was told that I must take the imac to the mac store to get it fixed. The boss didn’t like this scenario as he is worried that someone at the mac store will be interested in records that we have on our system (even though there is actually nothing on my computer, that I access everything through a networked server).

WHATEVER. So I drove to the mac store near me (meaning my house – so I could work from home because my job is 99.9% on the computer) pulled out the box and carried it into the mall. Not 50 steps in, the handle breaks. Great! So I push the box all the way through the mall (with gawkers a-plenty) and into the mac store where the lady informs me I could have purchased a dolly for 5$ next door. TOO LATE NOW. But Thanks!

It’s like in the nineties right now in LA – well, in the Valley anyway – and the air conditioner does not seem to be working at the mac store so while I was waiting (which always sets a bit of panic and anxiety in) I was fanning myself with my invoice fearing that I would pass out and pacing (which, of course, is totally irrational and would not happen).

NOTE* A month after I turned 24 I started having panic and anxiety issues which pretty much stuck around for the next 5 years. They still like to poke their nose in my business every once in a while (like when I am told I have to WAIT or TRAVEL) just to say “REMEMBER ME?”


Later in the day

So we order some sandwiches for dinner and are excited for the mid-season finale of Ghost Hunters (and yes, it’s one of my favorite shows which is how I know I’m a total dork) …and we have three episodes left of LOST season 3 to get through but before we relax, I decide to check my email just in case the boss tried to reach me. And whatya know? HE did. And he made me cry. And maybe I’m over-tired or whatever but I absolutely hate being accused of ridiculousness when I have done my job correctly and someone else, in fact, is the one doing it wrong. MADDENING!

Whatever, it took some time to get this off my mind but we had LOST to attend to.

SIGH* Tomorrow’s one day closer to Friday. My apologies for the boring post 🙂

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  • cynthia

    July 1, 2008 | Reply

    Arrrggg! i’ve had my imac for 3 days and have had issues with it freezing at various times/applications from the get-go. Any word on what the deal-e-o was with yours? found your blog from Angela’s, the paintedhouse.

  • ...love Maegan

    July 1, 2008 | Reply

    They said it had to do with the logic board and/or power source. Since it was still under warranty, they fixed it for free but it was a major hassle none the less.

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