You gotta roll with the punches to get to what’s real

vintage coral dress with  neutral accessories+ hair+blonde hair+long hair

What I’m Wearing just a simple, Summery, easy work outfit.
* Vintage coral linen shift dress {with pockets, man I love a dress with pockets!}
* Vintage wood beaded necklace was my grandma’s with mixed bangles, as usual lately.
* Pour la Victoire raw leather strappy/buckle heels
* Tom Ford cat eyes
* Louis Vuitton azur Noe bucket bag …will be retiring soon.

* Title: lyrics by Van Halen “Jump” because OMG THIS VIDEO IS 100% PURE AWESOME.

This originated as a Twitter thought… but became too long a thought to fit into 140 characters

The original greatness behind personal blogs was that they were true, real, written by real people across the globe & even if they only showcased the good angle of someone’s life, at least they were authentic. Many blogs are still as such but some, more and more, seem to just be well, like a “reality show” …staged reality, not actually real.

So I ask, what’s the point? Soon, every celebrity will have a blog written by their assistant or someone they’ve hired specifically to blog for them and where’s the fun in that? The blog was for the little people, the non-celebrity and the fun was getting a glimpse inside the life of another person and possibly even relating and creating a bond. I realize blogs have become all about business {and believe me, I started this blog in hopes that it would some day pay my bills, and it has} but it’s still me. And suddenly I feel like “Jenny from the Block” or Fergie singing about how “real” they still are regardless of their glamourous lives and success, lol. Sure I talk less about my political and religious beliefs because I don’t want to get slammed by closed-minded anonymous commenters who think they can only “like me” or even read my blog if we believe the same. exact. things. And I’ll probably get slammed for just saying this. But all in all, I still value truth and honesty in my own “web space” as I do in others’.

So what am I getting at? I dunno really. I guess I’d just like to see the honesty and reality return to the blogosphere rather than a glorified version of some sort of idyllic twist on what is. But maybe I’m no better than the rest. Maybe from the other side of the universe I appear to be something I am not… or “trying to act like a movie star” as one commenter so eloquently offered.

But I will say this, besides a bit of photoshopping to my 35 year old skin, what you see here is 100% me & I tell it to you straight …but with a little {well A LOT} more swearing in reality, if I’m being totally honest 😉

hair +long blonde beachy wavy hair+ bangles +accessories

vintage  linen dress and neutral accessories+long wavy hair

Vintage coral linen dress with wood beaded necklace and bangles

vintage linen coral dress with neutral accessories

raw leather strappy sandals heels+pour la victoire raw leather sandals and louis vuitton azur noe bucket bag

hair+outfit+fashion+ accessoriesHappy Friday Lovecats

LA native & lifestyle blogger Maegan Tintari writes daily at sharing beauty & style secrets, including fashion DIYs, how-to nail art manicures, hair tutorials, recipes & home decorating ideas, as well as a look into her personal life, her journey & battle with infertility & recent relocation to the mountains by a lake in search of a better life with her adorable French Bulldog brothers, Trevor and Randy.


  • Liesl

    August 12, 2011 |

    Loving the pink dress on you! I love what you wrote about and how you touched upon the blogging world and keeping it real and true, unlike the celebrities that hire someone to do it for them! I love that what you blog about and post is 100% you, as it should be, and how I am with mine…so refreshing, just like your 35 year old beautiful self! I hope you have a Fabulous Friday, Maegan!

    Liesl 🙂

  • Katie

    August 12, 2011 |

    Thank you for writing this. There’s been a lack of authenticity in the blogosphere lately and I hate seeing that anywhere, but especially in blogs.

  • Vanessa, Take only Memories

    August 12, 2011 |

    Beautiful dress! You look absolutely gorgeous!

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean by staged reality. Like people take on an “online persona”?
    I suppose I stage my pictures a bit but they are still 100% me. I just like well taken photos.

  • Maegan

    August 12, 2011 |

    Vanessa …I think we all stage our photos, we want them to look the best possible! But that is more artistic than fake. I just mean people lying about their lives in general I suppose.

  • Louise Eakin

    August 12, 2011 |

    Well Said Maegan! I’ve been a follower of your blog for years BECAUSE you’re real!… (and you have amazing clothes hehe)

  • Neris / Fashion Fractions

    August 12, 2011 |

    And that is exactly why I LOVE this blog! It’s so real, you always say what’s on your mind and don’t try to make things look so “perfect and shiny” ALL the time! If you are pissed or in a bad mood, you say it. You don’t pretend that your life is fabulous 24/7; you are one of the few bloggers that talks about good and bad things! And I LOVE you for that! Always pleasure to read your posts!


    Fashion Fractions

  • Nadine

    August 12, 2011 |

    I’ve been reading your blog for years, and I always appreciate your honesty when it comes to the ups and downs of life. 🙂

  • Kimberly

    August 12, 2011 |

    I am a fairly new blogger (just started in February) and attending a Fashion & Beauty Bloggers conference in NYC next month during fashion week. I think my main fear is that the other bloggers won’t be down-to-earth and friendly when I meet them. And I’m already discovering this a bit through Twitter conversations. It’s really too bad because while it can be viewed as a competitive industry, it can also be an amazing community!

  • Kasmira

    August 12, 2011 |

    I feel your pain on avoiding certain topics. I have some unconventional and unpopular personal beliefs that I keep well off my blog. I suppose I’d let them loose if it wasn’t a style blog…but I’d rather let the outfits do the talking.

  • Deborah

    August 12, 2011 |

    I usually think (maybe I say it too – who can remember) that there is no reason to share EVERYTHING with EVERYBODY. I don’t even do it in my real life. Seriously right? Who does that?

    Your blog IS authentic. It’s the things you feel like sharing and, frankly, I believe we all can tell the shiz from the realz (forgive the jargon) that is presented on other blogs.

    We all want to present ourselves in a good light (photoshop away girl – we all have done it) and why is this not a good thing? Again – we do it every day in our lives.

    Bravo I say and I’ve admired you from afar for quite a while now!

  • Much to My Delight

    August 12, 2011 |

    Preach girl! Blog posts are kind of like snapshots into people’s lives, but definitely don’t encapsulate the whole picture. I don’t write about fashion; I mostly do pics of my life and stuff that I cook, but that’s why I sometimes take pictures of leftovers rather than a fully set-up meal with placemats and props. Who really eats like that?!

  • MarissaC

    August 12, 2011 |

    The authenticity of your blog and the fact that you’re not afraid to share personal and hard issues is what keeps me coming back every day.

    You also take gorgeous pics, have amazing style, and you aren’t afraid to tell us when you’re in a crappy mood – I love it! Happy Friday I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  • Gail and Rhoda

    August 12, 2011 |

    I appreciate and love your blog because to me it is real. I don’t think you are trying to act like a celebrity, I think you are one! PhotoShop and stage your pictures all you want. We all do it because we want great pictures. Anyway, keep up what you’re doing, it’s working!

  • Lexy of BeautyFash

    August 12, 2011 |

    Agreeing with all other commenters here – Your lifestyle blogging is so refreshing to see.

    It is such a turn off to read a blog and all you see is sunshine and rainbows… someone who has NEVER had a bad day. Or can’t admit that every outfit isn’t perfect… Sure, as a blogger, you have a choice to decide what you want to share, but that isn’t authentic to me.

    Keep up the great work!

    LOVE the dress, the color is so sweet! And those heels go perfectly with that bucket bag. I am so sad that I will need to retire mine soon. 🙁 But it will be exciting to pull it out next spring. 🙂

  • God's Favorite Shoes!

    August 12, 2011 |

    This is why I am going to share the beds with your dogs if and when I ever get to L.A…I can’t stay with Droll Girl because cats scare me…but she will take me to her nail salon to get a pedicure because apparently she sees pseudo celebrities like Coolio…and I likes me some Coolio! (not really)

    Anywho…I love that you are calling blogging out because I feel the same way! There are soo many times that I read a blog and I’m like “Trick please…you DID not wear that outfit!”

    I, too, know that my blog can become a way to get some extra cash but oh my god…stop with the running in the fields pics and the I’m so cool banter and name dropping all of the time! GTFOHWTBS!I’ll let you figure that acronym.) I agree that the authenticity in blogging has been overshowed by taking pics with your knees inward (kinda guilty of that myself lol!) and chasing butterflies in the filed…there ain’t no butterflies in DETROIT! (I’m tripping now!)

    The reason why I love LOVE Maegan is because you bake your bacon like a homegirl would AND you tell your Anonymous commenter to SUCK IT! I love that!

    …oh you look fab…but I’m sure you get bored with that compliment! LOL!

  • God's Favorite Shoes!

    August 12, 2011 |

    Field..not filed! LOL…I was going awwwfff!

  • ACC

    August 12, 2011 |

    This is a really great post and has me thinking about what I really appreciate in the (many) blogs I read. On one hand, I follow a number of blogs that are clearly stylized beyond everyday life, and I don’t mind that. If someone’s reality involves setting up an elaborate photo shoot and not chronicling diaper-changing or whatever, well, that’s cool with me. I’ll keep reading as long as I’m inspired. On the other hand, it’s the blogs with a personal voice that really draw me in. With these blogs (yours included, obvi), I don’t feel like I’m window-shopping, despite the beautiful photography and styling.

  • Amanda Blair

    August 12, 2011 |

    I totally agree with this post! I feel like now when you look at someone’s blog you’re getting a skewed view of their life not their personal thoughts as much. I will even be so bold to say I feel you are much less candid than you used to be, which makes me sad. I know that it must suck getting stupid comments but i loved how real your posts were and honest! You shared the not so pretty/perfect side of your life and it’s why i started reading you in the first place. BUT i still do not think you are in anyway fake, just more careful about what you say. Either way..I love you and your blog 🙂

  • Mariel Torres

    August 12, 2011 |

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous dress doll! It looks BEAUTIFUL on you.

  • Anonymous

    August 12, 2011 |

    you just keep on rockin’ it girl. Confidence is what you exude – in your fearlessly fashionable outfits and on-point commentary with every happy, sad, or funny moment life has to offer. For what it’s worth, I feel like everything about you is entertaining, genuine, and truly fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    August 12, 2011 |

    love this dress actually this whole outfit. I agree that there are a lot of fake blogs out there but the good thing is that it only helps people gravitate to real blogs like this!

  • mouse

    August 12, 2011 |

    you look great! you remind me a bit of billie piper

  • lizajane

    August 12, 2011 |

    you do a great job. I love your blog and your style. I personally appreciate your staged pictures. I don’t come here to see pictures of you taken from the reflection of a dirty mirror with your samsung camera phone. Fuck those fuckin fucks.


  • margaritats

    August 12, 2011 |

    amazing look!you look gorgeous!
    looove the shoes!

  • dressperado

    August 12, 2011 |

    Great post! I think eventually readers will get bored with blogs lacking authenticity. Anonymous nasty commenters are to be ignored. Chest thumping “lecturers” don’t use their names because at some level they are embarrassed by their behavior.

  • CessOviedo

    August 12, 2011 |

    you being real and grounded it what I totally love about your blog, is you all the time, plus you have a wonderful style!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  • Alyson

    August 12, 2011 |

    I totally hear ya, lady. My blog hoepfully will become a bigger business, too, yet at the same time it’s 100 percent me, my opinions, my beliefs. THere can be a lack of inauthenticity and other bloggers just visiting my page in the hopes that I’ll follow them to build numbers. I’m over that (and frankly don’t have the time to comment all over time). I LOVE discovering new blogs and commenting on those and my regular faves (like yours). Just important to stay true to your vision and keep it real, yo. 🙂


  • Lindsay

    August 12, 2011 |

    Thanks for this post! It’s great to know that some bloggers are trying to showcase their life and not just the fun and/or glamorous aspects.

  • Where's Gaia?

    August 12, 2011 |

    The reason I read your blog daily is because I see you are a “real” person with a huge heart and the same hangups the rest of us have. Of course, I want you to benefit from the awesomeness you post here and I’ve never felt that you sacrifice content to please the masses. Maybe that’s where some bloggers go wrong, they stop being themselves and start being what they think others want them to be. You are an inspiration to so many of us because you are honest…about everything. Chin up buttercup!

  • Anonymous

    August 12, 2011 |

    It’s o.k. to be “honest” and “authentic” in your blog but you also need a filter. Just like you would not say or do what ever pops into your head in the real world, you cannot say say or do it in a blog. Well, you can I guess but you risk offending people.

    We all have our own beliefs and value system and nobody likes to have their beleifs and feelings stomped on.

    Like when you said you “can’t stand America”. You have some readers who are in the military or are wives of active military. Don’t you see how a statement like that would really be offensive to some people?

  • Evil Mr. Peppers

    August 12, 2011 |

    Anon, GET OVER IT.

  • Kate K

    August 12, 2011 |

    I’ve stopped reading a lot of fashion blogs as of late but I still read your blog. And that’s because beyond the beautiful exterior of this blog (your home and your life, your outfits, you!) there is a core that appeals to me: you are honest and interesting and true to yourself (or at least the self that you’ve presented.) Is it lame to say keep up the good work? 😀

  • The Little Bit

    August 12, 2011 |

    Oh my goodness. This is EXACTLY why I love you so much. I’d been personal style blogging for about a year when I started to feel like I’d fallen into the rut of trying to dress like other bloggers or try wearing things that weren’t really me. I snapped out of it so quickly and changed up the name and face of my blog to better suit who I AM in REAL LIFE. My pictures aren’t perfect, my posts range from OOTD to children’s crafts to health and fitness… but it’s all me and it’s all real. And that’s what keeps people engaged, if that’s what bloggers are looking for. I don’t want to see someone so photoshopped they look like they could come out of a magazine. I’ll buy a magazine for that, thank you. And I don’t want to read how perfect someone’s life is Really? You don’t shit? You don’t get sick? You don’t get sad? You’re not mad at SOMETHING? Not.Real.

    And I love you.
    And thank you for writing this post.
    And I love your husband.

  • *Sparkles*

    August 12, 2011 |

    I have total hair envy. How often do you have yours cut/trimmed/conditioned? I have such a hard time growing mine out and I know they say if you get it trimmed more often it’ll grow longer but every time I go in they want to chop it all off! lol

  • Beth Anne

    August 12, 2011 |

    A wonderful truth I discovered last week: you are just as beautiful & authentic in person as you are on here. It’s why you are well-loved.

  • Lacretia

    August 12, 2011 |

    Speaking for myself, I appreciate your candor. I think that eventually, authenticity always prevails, especially when relating to other people. So if you’re being yourself, and yourself just happens to look a little bit like a movie star (really, though. you do) then I say go for it. You can’t please everybody, and being yourself is what makes it interesting!

  • Pamela

    August 12, 2011 |

    AMEN Sister Friend!! Love this blog post because its written with honesty and from the heart. Keep it up Maegan 🙂

  • Anonymous

    August 12, 2011 |

    Love this shift! (Wish I would have kept my shifts (and my sister’s and mom’s)……..Oh, well, back to my local thrift shops! What is old is always new again. Have a beautiful weekend, Sunshine! (We have been having difficulty in the sunshine dept.) Hopefully sunny days ahead!

  • Kayla

    August 12, 2011 |

    I love that you wrote this post, and I completely agree. I started my blog to be an expression of myself, and I so often feel like I just can’t compare to all of these overly edited and scheduled blogs. But the truth of the matter is I didn’t start out wanting to be compared to them, and I should let myself get caught up in their blogging world. Sure I love the read them, both those are a different kind of blog. There are the ‘processed blogs’, and the ‘ real blogs’ and I have to remind myself which category I want to stick with every so often.

  • astr!d

    August 12, 2011 |

    you are glamourous yet simple minded, you spend a butt load on clothes then wear your g-mas old (read free vintage) braceltes, you play dress up everyday and bitch about the traffic, but- you are you!! and thats the reason i love checkin in on you everyday, bc its beautiful! and idk why people leave ugly comments or are mean about things bloggers do or say. hello, its your blog, say whatcha want. if i dont agree, it doesnt make me like you less. but i guess people are just closed minded and mean. i gotta say that the “real” in blogs are the best ever. bc it makes me feel normal if i see a super messy room or kids with holey socks and dirty faces-thats life and we have to make it work everyday, good and bad, clean and messy. so hows about you get on those dirty room shots, ok!!! lol

  • The Fancy Drifter

    August 12, 2011 |

    LOOOVE your outfit, those shoes are freakin sexy!!!


  • Kat

    August 12, 2011 |

    Not too long ago I read a piece regarding how the internet, in a way, has promoted aggressive communication because of the available anonymity.

    I wonder if that is part of why some of the “realness” has been eroded away bit by bit (that and the potential of future employers having a deeper insight into personal lives). The fear of the virtual emotional repercussions.

    I think being real and having open discussions is key. I think blog writers should realize not everyone will agree and I think commenters should be respectful in their disagreements. If both of those take place then discussions can happen. Things can be talked about. I think that’s a huge part of blogging – the community and discussion.

    I think now some people write just for their audience (to get comments) and not for themselves… which can ad to the problem also…

    I’m rambling…

    also, as always, hair envy.

  • My Dressy Ways

    August 12, 2011 |

    Been a fan of you blog FOR YEARS. As I said in Stylish Wife’s Blogher11 recap, you were the first fashion blog I ever set eyes on – and it seems to be the case for many of us bloggers. You’ve stayed true to yourself and your blog as long as I’ve read it and that’s why I keep coming back to read! I love that you don’t push products for the sake of traffic or increase in readership. LOVE YOU! Keep up the fantastic work girl!

  • daer0n

    August 12, 2011 |

    I totally agree with what you said about staged reality, I see it even more every day but in every aspect of life and how people like playing roles to pretend they live perfect lives. While some of us have easier lives I have to point out that there are times when we all go through ‘rough bumps’ and not all of us blog about and some others don’t like overwhelming their readers with complaints or things about their personal lives. I myself rather blog about the things that I like when it comes to fashion, not personal ones because I like to keep that private, but the things it is still me, I just feel like people out there couldn’t give a cent about how I feel or what happens in my life, I don’t even feel like they even care about the things I like fashion-wise LOL, yet I still blog.

    But it is so true how some people in the blogosphere try to pretend they live in a crystal castle in a pink world, I see that too often now, Fake is the new Real for a lot of people, it is pretty sad but it is the way that it is…-sigh.

    This is the reason why I frequent less and less blogs because they focus too much on frivolous things rather than the ‘real’ thing, and why I keep coming back to yours, because you are one of the very few that keeps it real. Always stay the same, stay real, it is what makes you as a person, as a woman, as a human being, so fantastic. 🙂

  • Brandy Faris

    August 12, 2011 |

    Love this post and your comments- one of the reasons I love coming to this blog is there is a grittiness and truth in what you write. I started my blog thinking exactly that and have found it difficult to not get caught up in making things look perfect and cute all the time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Noelani

    August 12, 2011 |

    Cute cute cute outfit! Love the bag the most since it is a Noe bag which is my name:)

  • Amanda Blair

    August 12, 2011 |

    I think it’s fucking adorable your husband commented on here! What a cutie!

  • Tine

    August 12, 2011 |

    I think you look awesome! And I think being honest and real is something a lot of people don’t have the guts to do… so keep rockin’ it!

  • Natalya's Closet

    August 12, 2011 |

    You look amazing, as usual!! XOXO,

  • Stephanie Lynn

    August 12, 2011 |

    Trust me, I feel like I’ve been reading your blog for close to forever and the only reason I come back is because you’re a REAL woman! Fuck the haters.

  • Peetzi Jen

    August 12, 2011 |

    I don’t usually comment but I really had to say something here. I have a family FULL of military people (including two cousins currently serving in Afghanistan) and the comment you made had nothing to do with your respect for or feelings about people who serve in the military. Nothing. And I’m pretty sure you explained that. For crying out loud! It’s time to move on Anon.

    With that said…

    I really love your blog. I love your authenticity. I love your creativity. And yes, even your “movie star looks”. Don’t change a thing. You can’t please everyone.


  • A.Co

    August 12, 2011 |

    I LOVE your blog. I’ve been reading for over a year, every single day. It’s on my top 5 and I don’t often comment (it’s blocked at work and guess who’s sometimes being a slaaaaackerrrrrr 😉 but I’m always here.

    I love that you are real and tell it like it is. You’re so right. We often see the highlight reel of someone’s life via their blog, not necessarily their real trials and tribulations. With you though, that’s different. You talk about troubles of conceiving, sex and getting it on, traffic, working, and everything in between (and of course fashion 😉 Coming here is refreshing because you, Maegan Tintari, are real, and I like that. I like that a lot.

    So thanks, thanks for being one of the best ‘real’ blogs out there and inspiring so many of us to be more like you.

    PS – it’s not a suck up when it’s the truth.

  • T.

    August 13, 2011 |

    One thing I love about your blog is your authenticity. I like how you always look so glamourous and write in an entertaining tone, but still don’t exclude your problems from the blog.

  • anotherfishinthesea

    August 13, 2011 |

    Interesting commentary, I will have to say when I read your blog, I don’t ever wonder if you are putting on a mask – and I do occasionally feel that way when I read some other blogs.

    That being said, your swearing comment cracked me up. I edit what I say so much on my blog because I am a teacher, sometimes the language part and lack of profanity does make my writing seem a bit false (to me). But I guess thats the reality of wanting to keep my job, should someone from my school system ever come across my blog.

    Anywho, thanks for being thought provoking as always and HAPPY FRIDAY!

  • MnNYC

    August 13, 2011 |

    I don’t comment on blogs.
    But I’ve been telling people to come to your blog for the exact reasons you outlined. I read so many blogs that are “normal” people that are not at all normal. They stage their posts. They live perfect lives.

    Your blog is beautiful and your clothes are beautiful. Your tutorials are awesome. But most of all, you are real. Somehow, you’ve been able to be real without selling out to the pride and self-centeredness that even the most “humble” bloggers seem to impart.

    so, thanks. I read your blog every single day.

  • Marie-Eve

    August 13, 2011 |

    I always felt the honesty in your posts, thanks for being true to yourself !

    That dress is amazing on you !

    My Blog – A Pretty Nest


    August 13, 2011 |

    Clean and simple equals perfection.

  • Anonymous

    August 13, 2011 |

    I started reading your blog by coincidence about a month or so ago, and since then it’s become a daily occurrence. You have given me so many great ideas on fashion, home and diy stuff that I’m driving my fiance crazy with all of my projects. I love how down to earth you are and that you respond to your commenters. You’re a fantastic person, and never let anyone tell you otherwise!

    –Sarah Jean
    Twitter: @sjbresnahan

  • Mrs. Pancakes

    August 13, 2011 |

    oooh you look fab! and that dress is fantastic!

  • Kujaku

    August 13, 2011 |

    Hey, I’m mostly a lurker (I think I’ve left comments on more of your pins than around here), but I felt compelled to say something with this post.

    I first found this blog because of the DIY crafts, and I still check in hoping for another, but I also have your blog on my top list because I like it that you wear things that I would feel comfortable wearing, and I can appreciate that although my lifestyle and means are a lot different, you seem to still somehow be a very relateable person.

    I’m still very much a fashion novice, so idealized blogs with people playing dress-up in outfits that I could never have the confidence to pull off or go out in don’t really help me very much. There are a few I still follow for ideas I could tone down to make it my own, but I really like it how you try out trends, but don’t get carried away, show off new clothes, but aren’t afraid to pull out the old. That’s the kind of closet I need, so this is the kind of blog that I’m looking for. Keep up the good work, hon!

  • myoungpeter

    August 13, 2011 |

    You’re an absolute doll! I say do what you want as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else or yourself. Live your life and eff the haters!

  • Jessi

    August 13, 2011 |

    That song is the first memory I have of dancing around my house… I distinctly remember my mom had MTV on for background noise (ya know, when they used to play music videos??) and that song… and me, jumping around the living room getting DOWN with my bad 4-year-old self 🙂
    That “trying to act like movie star” comment is so ridiculous. Because really, even if that was the intent of your blog – who cares?!?! News flash to that commenter, and others like it: it’s your blog, you do what you want. Duh.

    You are still my top 5 fave blogs, no matter how movie star-ish you’re being 😉

    xoxo J

  • Sara

    August 13, 2011 |

    Yeah, you can only read so much “Here is what happened in my fabulous life filled with shopping sprees, perfectly lit bug-free fields and an unlimited bank account! I’m so twee/smug/better than you!” I hate to write posts about the less than stellar parts of my life, because in the grand scheme of things I really don’t have a lot to complain about, but nobody’s life is perfect all the time and acting like it is just comes off as incredibly fake. I like that you put it all out there in a very relate-able way. And you have nice clothes, shoes and hair and some pretty awesome DIY skills, but you come across as extremely unpretentious and genuine, which keeps me coming back.

  • Grace

    August 13, 2011 |

    VERY cute outfit!

    xx Grace

  • Anna

    August 13, 2011 |

    Well this is what I call an interesting fate! This is the first time I have found your blog (through reading about the gorgeous Jenn’s – the stylish housewife – experience at blogher) and this post sums up what I’ve been wondering about the blog world as I’m new to it. I think it is the best possible first impression!! I found as well from visiting lots of blogs (being new) and finding ones I would love visiting as daily inspiration there is sometimes a fair bit of ‘sameness’ about them all. Yours is not, and I’ll enjoy following it from today on!
    p.s I adore…adore!!! all your hair tutorials.

    Anna xo

  • Anonymous

    August 13, 2011 |

    OK, I have to ask…what is your exercise regimen? In other words: HOW do you get those quads?? And if you tell me you don’t have to do anything for them, I will just cry.

  • Michelle's Style File

    August 14, 2011 |

    Well said- thank you.


  • Wendy

    August 14, 2011 |

    Totally relate to what you’re saying. I started blogging years ago on AOL and, yes, it was much more personal. In fact, we were like a family and I’m still close to many of the people from that time.

    While I love blogs that feature design/ clothes/ amazing food porn – I’m also very drawn to the honest, well written ones.

    On a different note, I love your outfit (grandmothers necklace is lovely!) and I would kill for your thighs. 🙂

  • Jenna

    August 15, 2011 |

    I love your blog because you are 100% real and not afraid to share the not-so-sunny aspects of real life. In the real world shit happens and people drop the occasional f-bomb. Sometimes a lot of bloggers seem fake to me because it’s all sunshine and roses. I love that you are so honest and so sincere with what you share.

    xo Jenna

    PS – Love that Mr. Evil Peppers drops by and tells anons where to go!

  • Stylish Thought

    August 15, 2011 |

    You betta preach! I couldn’t agree more with every word you’ve written. Blogging used to be so personal and now it’s big business and trust me I don’t have any problem with making money (I love shoes) but I think that we (bloggers, me included) get away from the reach reason we blogged in the first place. For the fun of it and the idea of sharing our thoughts on life and style.

    Whenever I get bogged down with the weight of adsense, guest posting and analytics, I try to remember what made me start blogging and what has sustained me for 4 years.

    Great post & you look lovely per usual!

  • Illini07

    August 21, 2011 |

    Hi Megan,
    I love your blog and have been reading it for a while. I like your fashion, humor, and life view in general. I agree with your comment on blogging content. I’ve erased a few blogs from my reading list because they were becoming too “staged” or were starting to make me feel angry or depressed when all they did was flash the constant awesome things they did or bought or said. At some point it becomes too much. I’ve also became increasingly frustrated with blogs that blog for money making only. I’ve read a blog where the writer wrote “blah, blah, blah… Just trying to get in my xxx number of words for the day”. Really? I felt my valuable reading time was instantly wasted right there. Very unprofessional for someone who is making money off their blog.
    Thank you again for your blog and for keeping it real. Keep doing what you do best.

  • Mrs. Potts

    September 6, 2011 |

    I’ve come back to this post over and over and reread it many times. Your voice is so real & I appreciate it so much.

  • Jane

    December 3, 2011 |

    I love how honest and contemplative you are on this blog and that you share so much of yourself. I hope you never feel the need to tone it down. There will always be haters, but they are miserable and angry and you need to let that pass you by. Feel pity for them but don’t hang on to it to let it trouble YOU. You are a gift of light and love and fun and giggles.. all the good things.. to *most* of us.

  • Jane

    December 3, 2011 |

    Oh, on the topic of reading blogs that are very money oriented, there is only one that I continue to read (even though I’ve deleted it many times from my RSS when she really annoyed me;) which is Karen from the Art of Doing Stuff. She’s just too funny and her man (his wisdoms anyway) cracks me up. At least she’s honest that she wants the blog to pay her bills, but it’s incredibly irritating at the same time.

    Frankly, I’m not even into fashion really, but you are so incredibly charming that I can’t not stop by.

  • Carla

    January 30, 2012 |

    Ok so I recently came across your blog when I was looking for a tutorial on a leather bracelet. I have to say I absolutely fell in love with your posts… I’ve been reading them all (going back in time) jijiji

    Gorgeous pink dress!!!
    Oh and if your really thinking of retiring your LV bag then you can send it my way jajaja 😉 (not really kidding)

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