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A Family Affair ~ Christmas Tree Shopping in The Valley & what I wore

Christmas Tree Lot outfit- croc boots-flannel shirt

What I’m Wearing
* Paige Premium jeans
* Brown tee from the Gap
* Thrifted flannel plaid button down… also seen here.
* Vintage army belt
* Brown bag by Kooba
* Crocs buckle booty with fur… courtesy of Crocs. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have thought twice about Crocs unless they contacted me and sent me a few pairs as they have but they’re super smart because I have completely changed my opinion about them. NO, I still wouldn’t wear the colorful little holy garden clogs, but these little boots are fantastic! See my big furry Croc boots here.

* * *

Tuesday evening we met my brother and sister in law at the local Christmas tree lot, as we do every year, to kick off the holiday festivities. This is Delilah’s third year {look how tiny she was the first year!} and got all dressed up in her Dora Halloween costume and glitter pink Mary Janes for the occasion. I was a little more realistic in my outfit choice and opted for comfortable, casual & mildly warm. Last year was so cold I think we spent a quick 10 minutes choosing “good enough” trees just to get us back in the warmth of our cars. But this year was very stereotypically California weather, which was much more enjoyable… and the reason we stay in LA & spend a fortune on Christmas trees.

crocs boots with fur

jeans-plaid flannel-boots with fur

croc boots-boots with faux fur

Delilah and scott - christmas tree lot

jeans-croc boots-kooba bag-christmas lot

Delilah-radio flyer car-christmas tree lot

pink christmas tree-lime green christmas tree-frosted trees

Morgand and Delilah

in shorts buying a christmas tree in california

me-christmas tree lot


Say hello to our beautiful, yet ridiculously overpriced Christmas tree. I think it’s the biggest tree we’ve ever gotten! When we got it home, cut it down from the roof of the car, carried it in the house, and set it in it’s new home for the next month and a half, we realized there was no water bowl attached like usual. We got back in the car, sans tree of course, and drove all the way back {it’s only 5 minutes} to the lot to ask them what we should do about it and they said this tree doesn’t NEED water. More than that, it just won’t suck up any AND it will look the exact same way until July. They had to be exaggerating as I still can’t wrap my mind around a tree not needing water… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Meet our tree... our ridiculously overpriced California Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays!


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