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Monday Motivation / Step Into Your Feminine Energy

gala darling tapping into your feminine energy
If you’ve been on the internet or blogging for as long as I have then you probably know who Gala Darling is… and she’s pretty fabulous. If you don’t know her and her Radical Self Love movement, do yourself a favor and click through all her pages and books and videos, because she’s a ray of sunshine.

I usually get her emails but today she popped up on youtube as soon as I logged on and I was so happy to see her smiling face because I needed an energy shift in a bad way and isn’t it lovely when the Universe just gives you what you need when you need it if you are open to receiving it? I think so.

I started following her “tapping” videos because they work… or well, at least they work to get me out of my head and into the moment and calm any creeping anxiety and today was no different… in fact, I sobbed through most of the tapping today because it hit so close to home.

You know how they say that all of your relationships are a reflection of yourself? But it’s so much easier to see other’s flaws and feel like a victim of their behavior instead of seeing our own… When I find myself falling into victim mode, feeling betrayed, feeling like I can’t trust anyone, I ask myself how has my own behavior contributed to this? What is it about me that is attracting this type of person into my life? How can I change or soften the edges so that either their behavior changes (because mine has) or simply attract new people into my life that are healed and don’t constantly trigger my own past childhood trauma reaction patterns? How can I heal my own trauma so instead of reacting I can see the trigger and respond in a positive way?

These are things I am constantly working on and let me just say, it’s a long and hard work in progress and it takes practice… and as soon as I think I’ve conquered one or grown/healed, I’m tested again and fail. Like a meditation practice, it’s not about judging myself for not being perfect or for failing, it’s about getting up and trying again.

Anyway, I needed Gala’s Feminine Tapping Energy today and thought you might enjoy it or find it helpful as well. If you’ve never heard of tapping, just follow along what she does and repeat her words and see if it makes you feel any better or you can find out more about tapping here.

If you can’t see the video above, go here: High Vibe Honey: Feminine Energy

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Happy Monday Lovecats!

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