Dogwood Tavern Lake Arrowhead Style

You Kept Me Warm With All Your Sugarcoats


What I’m Wearing…

* V Secret Fold-over Black yoga leggings – still my all-time favorite leggings hands down.
* Black turtleneck sweater
* Light brown coat from Pendleton, which I’ve worn almost every time I’ve gotten actual-dressed (like not in sweats – and actually even sometimes in sweats!) and left the house this winter
* Black Dr. Marten “Serena” boots
* Phillip Lim sunglasses
* Marc Jacobs pillow bag… I’ve been using this bag by Melie Bianco lately

* Title: Julia Michaels – Sorry To Me TooWhat a Facade… I held onto your promises too much… For ever believin’ you and puttin’ my trust in you… For givin’ you everything and lettin’ you take it from me… For all the love I wasted on you… I’m sorry to me too.

all black basic outfit with leggings and dr martens boots with a long light brown wool coat

With spring in the air and the temperature rising (thank GOD) and the sun shining gloriously down upon us, I’m hoping (and begging) that this is the very last time I have to throw on my easy winter go-to outfit of leggings and a sweater and my boots and this coat, albeit an outfit I did enjoy wearing all winter, I am ready for fewer layers and lighter fabrics and shorter jackets. I’m also ITCHING to to pull on my roller skates and get some of those feel-good endorphins rushing through me that only roller skating can create… mouth dry from smiling so big as the air rushes in as I’m rolling through it and cheeks aching from laughing too hard. That’s what I want now… that feeling of freedom after feeling so bound and wound up too tight all winter.

I shot this outfit in between storms… actually, this may have even been RIGHT before the MAJOR STORM… wow, has it been that long? UGH, well, it doesn’t mean that this was the last time I wore a version of this outfit, but it was the last time I was at the Marina actually, standing in front of Dogwood Dockside Bar and Grill, our second location Chad and I opened last summer on the lake. If you look closely at the photos you’ll see that the lake is so full right now our entire patio is flooded and that was BEFORE the 9feet of snow we are still waiting to melt in some areas.

Since this location is at the marina, on the lake and mostly only accessible by boat (although you can park on the street and walk down) we’re only open during the summer months. We’re planning on reopening in the middle of May and so work has begun to get it ready for business.

I’m seriously DONE complaining, HOWEVER, this year has been so mentally draining that at one point (or at ten points) I threw my hands up exclaiming I’M DONE! Meaning, done with co-owning and operating BOTH of the Dogwood restaurants we now own. The stress of owning a business is one thing… the stress of dealing with business partners is a complete business of its own. And because I’ve been in a relationship with one of them, it makes it even more difficult. And prior to this partnership, I have been a single/solo team of me, myself and I (not including my ex-husband, who did actually offer a lot of support and help with my business on some levels), an actual business partnership with three very different people creates a sort of frustration I’ve never really had to deal with. Also, the storm has had a very negative affect on the financial side of our business, which already struggles a bit in the winter, being that this is a summer town and even though we have a really great local crowd mostly and love our Dogwood family, we need the summer months to help keep the business strong. To say it’s been challenging these last few months is a bit of an understatement, gov’nor, to quote the movie Easy A.

Anyway, whatever, the last few months have forced me to really look at everything I spending my time and energy on and deciding whether the juice is worth the squeeze, so to speak, in business and relationships. I often feel drained and unfulfilled emotionally and physically AND having financial hardships with all the businesses just draws even more attention to how much time is spent working on things that just are not giving back in any way and aren’t even paying back in any way. At some point, one has to look at her investments of time and energy and honestly ask oneself IS ANY OF THIS WORTH IT ANYMORE???

And mostly, the answer is no.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, I’m not a quitter AND well, I can’t exactly get out of the lease contract on Dogwood Tavern and so this is my last ditch effort. I’m giving all of my businesses, including this one you’re looking at right here (that hasn’t really been financially rewarding for some years now, but HAS at least been rewarding and fulfilling in other ways that bring my heart joy and make it worthwhile -AND prior to the storm I had a nice rhythm with, but not anymore) so I’m going full speed ahead, giving them all one last final push, bringing my A-game in a way to Dogwood I haven’t ever felt I really could because I have two partners to contend with, but if I bring the heat in a way they’ve never even seen before, then they will have no choice but to also turn up the heat and if they can’t stand the heat (and also, if I can’t stand it), it’s time to get out’ the kitchen, to sort-of quote Harry Truman… it’s now or never and I’m not going down without a fight. dammit. 🙂




all black basic outfit with leggings and dr martens boots with a long light brown wool coat

Happy Thursday Lovecats!

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