I’ve Been For a Walk… on a Winter’s Day

What I’m Wearing…

* Classic black turtleneck
* Velvet burnout floral slip dress by Hale Bob (last season and on sale now!) And they’re having an NYE 50% off sale right now with code NY50
* Pendleton light brown wool coatThIS ONE is great and affordable and I’ve added more options in the shopping widgets below! I’ve been wearing this coat a LOT lately
* Square toe knee high boots from the ’90s. Mine from the ’90s 🙂
* DIY Lanvin butterfly pin on my lapel
* Phillip Lim sunlgasses
* Marc Jacobs bag


* Title: Sia California Dreamin‘ – Sia’s version of this classic by The Mamas & The Papas is kind of amazing.

When I was unpacking after moving, I found these knee high leather boots in an old shoe bin collecting dust and almost threw them into the donation bag with all the others… and then I realized they were my boots from the ’90s that I bought when I was about 20 years old, new at the time and loved, which is probably why I still have them. So I dusted them off and set them in my closet and funnily enough, they seem very on trend at the moment and kind of work with everything and the low, chunky heel makes them extremely comfortable, along with the fact that they’re already perfectly worn in, by me 😉 I love an “old” something becoming a “new” something and this is why I save clothes and shoes for decades. Also, my mom saved many of her things, which I then got to wear and enjoy, so technically speaking, that is probably why I save things. I can’t help it. It’s how I was raised. It’s in my blood.

I looked through an old photo album to see if I could find any old pictures of me wearing them for reference, just because I thought it would be fun and I happen to have my photo albums on hand because again, I just moved and you know, some things don’t have a home yet… anyway, surprisingly, I couldn’t find any. There were some outfits where I could pinpoint and know I was wearing them, but my feet were left out of the photo, so still, no actual proof. Oh well…

I’m finally feeling like myself again after nearly two weeks of basically thinking I was maybe, probably dying of what was really just a head cold… and wow, there’s nothing like being sick to kind of put everything into perspective. And yes, the entire pandemic situation did that in a huge way, but then the fear of ever getting sick ever kind of became part of me and so when it happens I freak out entirely. I’m so thankful to be feeling healthy and ALIVE again… and not, maybe, probably dying every day.

I threw this on the other night for a last minute dinner with Chad and the girls and realized that it was basically another version of my last outfit (in that it’s a turtleneck layered under a spaghetti strap midi-sip dress) but somehow this look is so entirely different and a modern take on a super ’90s trend, and I love that.

I’m feeling a huge new sense of excitement with fashion and clothes that I haven’t felt in years and it’s really fun. Even watching the latest season of Emily in Paris has got me thinking of new Fashion DIYS I want to jump on, make and share, which also has been lacking in the last few years. And because of the lack of aforementioned excitement, I thought I was kind of just over it all, but that wasn’t the case, I think I just lost myself and wondered if it even mattered to me anymore. And no, it doesn’t “matter” in a way that world peace MATTERS, but it’s fun and entertaining and it feels like “me” and that is what matters… doing more things that light me up and make me feel like me again, matters… and then, world peace, obviously 😉

I am so looking forward to the new year. This is the first time in a while I’ve really wanted to sit down and set goals, small and large, for my life and future and also to set intentions and maybe even write a bucket list… probably because I’m still alive after my life-threatening head-cold. But really, I’m not sure why, and maybe it’s the new place and my year long goal of moving here and feeling like it’s all starting on the first of the year since I’m basically done moving in and getting settled and I kind of knew this would be coming. I just hadn’t really assigned a date to it, but it’s perfectly aligned with the new year, and so I may as well just go with the flow… and so, as clichéd as it sounds, New Year, New Me! I’m working on every single aspect and hoping to really, truly make some kind of lasting progress and growth in an exponential way.

And lastly, I am fully aware that this has been an entirely random sort of life update post, which I think actually makes sense for this intermediate week between Christmas and the new year, which also feels very random and like a slow walk on the plank, blindfolded but able to see just a bit… the death of an old life, awaiting, yet ready for the birth of a new one.


Happy Thursday Lovecats!

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