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Obligatory “Barbie in the box” photo op 😉 …Stunned that my arm pose was on point! 😂
I only wish I had worn my pink and white gingham dress!

What I’m Wearing…

* Pink maxi dress with cut-out from Hollister (I think Chad has bought me almost every dress they make at this point and I’m not mad about it… their fabrics are so soft and comfy and their dresses, while maybe a bit “young” sometimes, are super comfy and cute… this one is sold out now but I’ve linked similar here and in the shopping widget below
* Cropped white sweatshirt, one of my faves, from Amazon – I have 4 colors and I’ve been wearing all of them lately (also seen here and here recently in rust). I might actually grab a few more colors. They’re very comfy and warm and thick and the price is unbeatable. I’ve been wearing them for a few years now. (I’m wearing SMALL… and they are VERY SHORT, but great with high waist pants, jeans or over dresses, which I love because they hit right above the waist, so are very flattering, IMO)
* White and pink Nike Air Force 1 shoes – which I don’t see available anymore, but these are similar
* Vintage pink Prada bag (circa 2003 – which I bought and used so much it’s insanely dirty yet I still am afraid to have it washed or to wash it myself even though it’s technically just made of nylon 🙄 )
* Tortoise shell sunglasses – but these pink Versace’s are MUCH more on theme 😉

* Title: Dua Lipa – Dance The Night from Barbie

Lovecats! It’s been forever.

I almost thought I’d given up entirely… but alas, here I am (😂) with a post that was meant to go up at the beginning of August (yes, over a month ago) after seeing the Barbie movie, which of course, has been sitting in my drafts ever since.

Why didn’t I post it? I don’t know. So many reasons, none worth mentioning I suppose… but now that I’ve just learned that Barbie will be out digitally on 9/12, it feels like the exact right time to post.

But HOW ARE YOU? How was your summer? Technically, it’s still summer, I know, but up here in the mountains, it’s already beginning to feel like fall and after this weekend, the temperatures will be so low, I doubt we’ll have any more lake days. Here’s hoping THIS weekend we’ll go out with a bang and spend some time on the boat with the kids before it’s TOO LATE!

It’s interesting, living in a place with seasons (yes, I still have these thoughts even though I’ve lived here for over 10 years now), but even though there are just as many summer months as there are winter, it’s really only warm enough to feel like summer for about 3 months, which makes you want to soak up every single warm moment you can… forcing you, whether you like it or not, to sort of live in the moment because all the moments will be gone soon and suddenly instead of wearing shorts to bed, you’re back in long johns and instead of running out in sandals, you’re in boots again.


I think we’re all facing a bit of winter PTSD up here and there is an overall fear and loathing towards the coming months since the blizzard is still fresh on our minds, but it’s also so incredibly beautiful and mostly wonderful up here (aside from the recent hate crime, which was devastating on so many levels), that we put up with the bad because the good makes up for it.

In Barbie News…

barnes and noble in redlands citrus plaza at dusk

We headed down the mountain late and missed the 8pm showing we were aiming for and since we had an hour to kill, we walked through the plaza and headed for Barnes and Noble. I was actually STUNNED this bookstore still existed and was open. Honestly, I thought all book stores had shut down (I don’t get off the mountain much 😂) but when I walked in and smelled the familiar smell I adored back in my twenties, when I’d spend hours in book stores just perusing all the isles for the perfect read and flipping through the magazines, the nostalgia hit me like a ton of books bricks. I walked around wide-eyed, in awe and smiling… as if I had just landed on Earth and never seen anything like it.

I bought three books 🙂

Having no idea what to expect, Barbie exceeded ALL OF MY EXPECTATIONS, and was surprisingly hilarious while also hitting every emotional beat about being a woman in this world, taking me from tears to laughter and back again for almost an hour. I loved it. I won’t go into a full review since everyone has pretty much seen it by now and if not, I won’t spoil it for the 12th when you can watch it on your home screen (I’ll be watching on repeat most likely)…

Like probably most of you, I played with Barbie growing up and even had a few of my mom’s old dolls, like the original Barbie in her black and white striped one-piece, which still exists somewhere in my mom’s collection.

My all-time favorite Barbie (and remember, I was born in 1976, so ’80s Barbies were my jam) was Malibu Barbie with the aqua bikini and the tan lines. I think I had two of them actually, and it’s no surprise I still LOVE a good summer tan, lines included. I never had a Ken doll, unless, of course, you count my mom’s Ken doll from the ’60s who had real hair (vs the plastic blonde hair of the later Kens) and was balding by the time I played with him. I mean, he was over twenty years old by the time I got my hands on him.

I wore this exact outfit on June 23rd (and of course took photos of it because even though I barely post, I can’t stop myself from the habit of photographing everything)… and so I randomly just threw it on for the Barbie movie. I felt like I HAD to wear something pink and was glad that I did because I felt like I was part of the Barbie Brigade of women and girls all wearing pink at the theater. It was adorable really.

As Chad and I were walking from the car to the theater, we passed three young girls sitting on a bench. I noticed the girl in the middle wearing the same Nike’s as I was but in three shades of pink and as I looked up realized all three of the girls were all in various shades of pink and assumed it was for Barbie as well. I smiled at them and almost told them how cute they were, but held back and just as we passed one of the girls called out YOU CUTE, GIRL (to me) and I turned around and smiled as I returned the compliment YOUUUUUU CUTE!!! and we all giggled as Chad and I continued walking towards the theater. It was such a sweet interaction and made me smile even now just thinking back on it. A few more women behind me in line mentioned they liked my outfit and when I turned around one was in a hot pink blazer and the other in a pink sweater and I returned the compliment and smiled. I swear we were all just BEAMING with giddiness and togetherness. When I scanned the theater before taking my seat and noticed just how PINK it was, I wondered why it had taken a Barbie movie to bring women of all ages together in a way I’ve never truly experienced on a level that far outweighed anything I’ve ever seen!? Maybe this is Beyonce’s inspiration behind her silver-themed audience for her tour?… Anyway, it felt magical and really had me wondering how we can recreate this experience on a more consistent basis because OMG IT WAS WONDERFUL. Why aren’t we ALWAYS like this?

If you saw the movie, the feeling in the theater, the camaraderie and energy between every women there, actually felt like we were living in Barbie Land instead of the “real world” and it’s only now, as I write this, that I am seeing it truly for what it was. Before, it simply felt like a handful of experiences, but now I see it was so much more than that. 💝

pink tiered maxi dress with white cropped sweatshirt and nike air force

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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