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What I’m Wearing…

* Hollister casual knit lounge pants, which I felt were too nice for in-house lounge pants and had to be worn out. Also I think they’re from last year (although this is the first time I’m wearing them) but I can’t find them on their site anymore. I’ve linked similar styles in the shopping widget below.
* Hollister long sleeve crop underneath with ruched sides in same color
* Cropped sweatshirt in rust. I know, I’ve worn some version of this A LOT lately, but I’m telling you, they’re warm and cute and cozy (and only $24 on amazon) and the perfect cropped length… when I don’t have my arms up, it hits the top of my pants without really showing much HOWEVER, it’s maybe not as interesting in photos, so UP go my ARMS. Or maybe I simply cannot control them when I’m shooting 😆 Like I tend to always look up and then I yell at myself when I’m looking through the footage… MAEGAN, STOP LOOKING UP. I can’t help it. I forget 🤷‍♀️ Here’s a recent similar look but with jeans
* Vintage grey wool coat I’ve had for probably 20 years now. You can see it here and here in past posts
* Brown Dr. Martens boots with the faux fur
* Phillip Lim Tortoise shell sunglasses. Still faves right now, though I am wearing my black vintage pair a lot lately too
* And ALMOST VINTAGE but actually BRAND NEW Burberry bag from 2006 that I literally just took out of the box for this outfit.


* Title : Miley Cyrus – FlowersStarted to cry but then remembered I… I can love me better than you can.

I know EVERYONE IS OBSESSED with this song right now… it’s not only a fun dance song, it’s also LAYERED with meaning. If you want the tea, check out this video Miley Cyrus EXPOSES EX-Husband Liam Hemsworth

I’m getting a major grey streak. And I don’t actually hate it 🙂

In the last few months I’ve asked my amazing hair stylist (Shannon) to lighten up on the bleach… which sounds like the exact opposite of what I meant, but basically I wanted more of my natural (darker blonde, if it’s even blonde anymore) to show through between my highlights, keeping it light around my face, and then fewer overall. I do a partial highlight (only the crown) because my hair stays healthier when it’s not entirely highlighted, and when I have more of my natural on top, it blends better with the natural underneath. ANYWAY, over the past few years I’ve noticed more and more single grays as my roots grew out, but now that I truly have more of my natural hair coming through, I can see a large section in front that is ALL GREY along with the single strands throughout the rest of head.

As a blonde, I don’t entirely mind it, the grey streak, that is. It’s the one section that actually stays light all the way to my roots and it’s almost white! And it’s much more of the ashy color I’ve always tried to achieve but never could with bleach.

Going grey is interesting… and something I never really thought about with aging! I have always been focused on WRINKLES and lines and skin so when the grays started showing up a few years ago, I never really cared. I still don’t. ALTHOUGH, I have to say, my hair is getting wilder by the day… the grey hairs seemingly all came in last year, and hurt. I feel insane when I say it and people certainly look at me crazy when I do BUT my head was in pain for about 6 months last year in different sections starting at the top and moving down. I couldn’t even put it up in a bun or ponytail because my hair follicles ACHED.

I thought it was from getting Covid and the hair loss/growth I’d heard about but also, to be honest, I had started smoking (cigs) again in the middle of the pandemic due to the stress of it all. I KNOW I KNOW It was not smart BUT I quit over a year ago now, and what happens (if you happen to be a smoker) is that your hair grows back. Hair you didn’t even know you lost from smoking GROWS BACK IN. So if you have thinning hair and you smoke, that might be the culprit. It was a bizarre sensation BUT I think all the hairs that grew in were grey and THICKER and more COARSE, and so I have new waves and curls in areas my hair has always been straight and I wake up in the morning and it’s LARGER THAN LIFE 😂

I wore this last Thursday, when we had a daybreak in the rain and just before it snowed. It was too cold to wear it without the jacket, but perfectly fine with it.

I’m not sure why, but I thought of this almost vintage but brand new Burberry bag I received as a gift back in 2006 and I know this because it had the original gift receipt in the pocket! I shot a video and might make an Insta reel because I love making reels, and this might be fun, but it feels very on-trend at the moment so I pulled it out of its original box and used it… for the very first time.

It was a gift from my ex-father in law… who was very generous and gave wonderful designer gifts ALWAYS. He gets credit for my Burberry trench coat, my multiple Louis Vuitton bags and designer wallets.


Happy Friday Lovecats!

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