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Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break my Stride, I Got to Keep on Moving

fitness goals, resolutions, mindset, walking, keep going, motivation, leggings, cropped sweatshirt, nike, take the stairs

What I’m Wearing…

* Cropped sweatshirt from amazon… (it’s $24 and feels more expensive than it is and it’s also very fluffy and soft) I have this in 5 colors and wear them in so many ways… dressed up or down, fitness or fancy (lol) See my rust colored sweatshirt I just wore in October… Here is is in white last fall… and a fave with jeans here… and this mauve one I’m wearing roller skating also with leggings – They have tons of colors!
* Black turtleneck underneath -partially tucked into my bra 😉
* Sculpt Leggings by boote, gifted by the brand… I was eager to try a brand other than my fold-over VS cotton leggings that I love and I have to say, these are pretty amazing. I was a little worried they’d be too tight and uncomfortable so I sized up to a medium but I think that caused a bit of puckering in places I wouldn’t normally get puckering. So my recommendation would be that they’re true to size. They are tight-fitting, obviously, but not in the way you’d think. I was able to pull them on no problem and they felt nice in the waist and butt… everywhere actually EXCEPT the uuuuh… let’s just say I felt there was an al fresco camel toe situation which I solved with multiple pantiliners. lol. Other than that, they’re great! Super flattering leggings, body (and booty) enhancing!
* Vintage black sunglasses
* Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe – LOVE THESE – Although not as much sole padding as my past runners, I still like them and they feel supportive.


* Title: Matthew Wilder – Break My StrideNobody gonna slow me down, Oh no, I got to keep on moving

NOTE: the blurrier images are stills from video I shot…

fitness goals, resolutions, mindset, walking, keep going, motivation, leggings, cropped sweatshirt, nike, take the stairs

LOVECATS! How is your 2023 going so far?

Sure, it’s only 11 days into January, but it also feels like the time that resolutions might already be getting thrown out the door. I can certainly hear the voice in MY head trying to convince me that my comfort zone is far easier than the work I have to put in to make my future self happy… what does she know anyway? 😉

When I remember that resolutions are actually GOALS I want to achieve, my logical mind kicks in and I can find motivation to keep going one day at a time.

It’s been raining for what feels like an ETERNITY here in California and you’d think up in the mountains it would be turning to snow, but alas, it is not. And in fact, we’d all prefer snow. As much work as it is initially, it’s far easier than rain, which tends to cause more damage than we anticipate, like leaking windows, in my particular case. Also, the dogs won’t go out in the rain, it makes a big wet mess everywhere, and going out for a walk or run is almost impossible in the rain, making it the perfect excuse to NOT do the thing you resolutely committed to on January 1st… whereas in the snow, you can 100% go out in it, you just have to layer and bundle up more… excuses, excuses.

A few days ago when we had a moment of sunshine I was able to get out for my (almost daily) walk, which has admittedly changed a bit since moving to my new place. I SWEAR by outdoor, fast-paced walks which also MUST include HILLS or they’re not getting the job done. Some people also refer to these as HIKES, but I’m not some people 😂 I like to do my own version of a high intensity interval workout because my body responds best to that. Some people refer to this as exercise snacking, but I am not some people and I clearly don’t like catch-phrases for simple things I’ve been doing for years. I experiment and then do what works best for me and my body… and I would encourage you to do the same.

For me, it’s short bursts of all-out effort and energy (like hills or stairs or a quick jog) followed by more moderate efforts of exercise (like my fast-paced walk). To break it down a little better, that means a fast-paced walk with a few steep hills to get my heart rate up and then once I’m out of breath, I go back to my regular pace.

I don’t have as many long-steep hills near my new place but I do have tons of STAIRS, so I take them until I’m out of breath and then continue on my way. If I only have time for a 20 minute walk due to weather or whatever, I take it. However, it seems like 20 minute walks are good for maintaining but if I want to see a difference, I have to go 35-45 minutes and no less. Hills and stairs are also great for maintaining and building muscle in my legs and keeping this 46 year old butt high and tight 😆

I also do a 15-20 minute yoga/stretching session before bed, which I have been doing consistently and not so consistently for over 25 years. I believe I started this practice when I was about 19 years old and working as a server at Islands or Hard Rock Cafe maybe… anyway, after being on my feet all day and night, I’d wake up with horrible back pain in the morning and I found that stretching before bed solved my pain problem. So I’ve been doing it ever since. In the last few years I’ve been a little lazy with it and this year I wanted to get back on my stretching A-game, which also includes a butt and stomach workout. Again, nothing huge, just a few quick bursts during my slow stretching that increase my heart rate and works my muscles and then back to stretching. It also helps me sleep better because I do it every night, it signals my body it’s time for bed soon.

I don’t lift weights, but I do-do handstands every day 😊 I’ve never had a gym membership and don’t feel like it’s necessary to hit my own personal goals, but recently I’ve been thinking about taking a yoga or pilates class just for fun. Like roller skating, it would be more of a fitness hobby that is fun because it’s not something I can do daily and when it comes to meeting our BIG GOALS, it’s actually the LITTLE THINGS we do every day that get us there. It’s the discipline, the consistency, the act of doing and the daily rituals that really make the difference if you’re looking for change and/or really leveling up.

I know what my potential is and I am in no mood to sit back and relax anymore and just let life circumstances or other people dictate how my days are spent. I’m truly working on myself in EVERY way possible, dedicated to self actualization and becoming the woman I want to be. And maybe I am her just by being true to myself every single day… because that’s when and where I find my confidence and feel proud of myself I think. When I’m truly living my best self, I’m also living my best life, regardless of the external circumstances. And that’s the biggest goal I can achieve for myself.

fitness goals, resolutions, mindset, walking, keep going, motivation, leggings, cropped sweatshirt, nike, take the stairs

If you’ve gotten off track, it’s okay.
Just start again.
Begin again every day.
Don’t beat yourself up for it.
Don’t listen to the fear voice in your head.
Just keep at it… keep going.
Quitting guarantees failure.
The only way to succeed is to keep going one step at a time
You’ve got this.
This is YOUR life, YOUR time, YOUR energy. Make it a life you love 💗

fitness goals, resolutions, mindset, walking, keep going, motivation, leggings, cropped sweatshirt, nike, take the stairs

fitness goals, resolutions, mindset, walking, keep going, motivation, leggings, cropped sweatshirt, nike, take the stairs


Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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