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A Little {DIY} Watercolor Painting for the Living Room

DIY art

When I worked at the art gallery, I always snatched up old frames that were headed for the dumpster for my own use at a further date. I think I actually started hoarding them at one point, as I just couldn’t see these perfectly good -and expensive frames getting dumped because the gallery no longer needed them. However, I’ve had them now for years and it wasn’t until just recently that I decided to do something with one of them.

One of my favorites is this large white washed wood frame and I while I’ve been searching for art to fill it with, the other night I felt like painting. So I took the frame apart and realized I could just use the matte board that was already in there, originally used as backing, as my canvas. I couldn’t find my acrylic paints anywhere so I found an old set of watercolors that I think I’ve had since high school… but they worked! So even though this doesn’t really need a tutorial, I thought it may inspire a little creativity in you, so here’s how I did it.

What it was before…

large frame

I simply removed the matte board…

watercolor painting

And started painting short, stacked lines in various blues {two to be exact} then went through with white and gray to add depth… but it wasn’t quite enough.

DIY blue art

So I luckily found some random blue and white puffy paint {the blue has a bit of shimmer to it} and decided to try an inkblot of sorts. So I created half of a sea-like-looking-creature…

DIY blue and white art

Then carefully folded the paper and opened it…

DIY blue and white art watercolor stencil

Then used it as a stamp in three different areas on top of my watercolors art. The first was the boldest, and the paint became lighter with each imprint, but I liked the added texture and dimension.

diy blue art-3

And Voila!

Easy art.

blue watercolor painting-1

I originally wanted it for the dining room wall, but the size wasn’t quite right and it was a bit light for the space and too reflective. So I set it here, but wasn’t sold. It ended up in the stairwell hallway right behind what you see here.

Happy Friday Lovecats!

I haven’t done a {fashion} DIY in ages and I’m itching to get my hands on a project, I’m just feeling a bit uninspired lately and feel my creativity focused elsewhere, like on the house at the moment.


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