The Short of it…

I’ve been sharing my life here at since 2007… which includes, but is not limited to, lifestyle content (including my marriage, infertility journey and divorce), fashion and personal style, DIYs (fashion, style, home, holiday) and so much more! 

Prior to this blog life, I worked at an Art Gallery (as a graphic and web designer) in Los Angeles for art dealer Jonathan Novak (who is possibly the world’s best boss ever) and in 2008 I began photographing my work outfits and sharing them here. I worked as a freelance graphic designer for years and also as a makeup artist and lighting assistant for a headshot photographer where I learned valuable skills in photography even before I ever thought I’d need them. I also dabbled in singing and was in a all-girl pop group called GODDESS in my early 20s and simultaneously worked as a karaoke host in an iconic bar in Burbank called “Dimples”. Around the same time I was learning the fashion business with my then-boyfriend who owns Red Monkey Designs leather accessory brand and worked with him on the creative and business side of the company. I started an eco company called beSmartbeGreen in 2007 where I made cute and quirky canvas shopping bags, but I was ahead of my time on that project at the same time larger brands were making it far too competitive to survive. I started this blog soon after that project.

In 2016 I partnered up and opened a bar/restaurant in Lake Arrowhead, CA called Dogwood Tavern.

Thanks for following along my life’s journey… it’s been a wile ride and even at 43 years old, it feels like it’s just the beginning. 

The Long of it…

Before starting her own online business and popular lifestyle blog,, Maegan helped build and grow two successful brick and mortar businesses in Los Angeles from the ground up… but she wanted something to call her own. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for all things creative, Maegan launched …love Maegan in 2008 wile working as a graphic and web designer for an art dealer in Beverly Hills – sharing fashion, style & beauty secrets, impressive DIY projects, home and decorating tips, her personal life journey including infertility struggles, marriage and divorce and so much more, and has been successfully running all aspects of the blog every day since. 

Maegan and her work have been featured in various online & print magazines from Seventeen to Vogue. Early on in her blogging career she worked with BlogHer as their Style Expert as well as a Life Well Lived editor and has become an influencer to an audience of long-time super supportive followers on all social channels/platforms working and collaborating with brands such as Ecco Domani Wine and designer Zac Posen, Tide, Ace Hardware and Sabrina Soto, Shopbop, Zappos, The People’s Choice Awards with Walgreens and Tim Gunn, Vans, various skincare brands and so many more. 

This Los Angeles native moved up the mountain to Lake Arrowhead nearly 7 years ago and has been smitten with the magical town ever since. After almost ten years of blogging, Maegan’s desire to get out from behind her computer and back into the social scene compelled her to research the restaurants and nightlife in the local area. With only a handful of options, Maegan realized the need for fun alternatives was crucial to keep the locals happy and the resort town populated with new visitors alike. With limited restaurant/bar experience under her belt but a passion for taking Lake Arrowhead to the next level, Maegan wanted to be the first to help build and create a new business in and for the local community and did whatever it took to make it happen.  Always the DIYer, Maegan jumped from a solo career headfirst into a business partnership, helped renovate a dilapidated old building and opened Dogwood Tavern, a rustic mountain bar/restaurant in Spring of 2018. Taking an almost CEO position, Maegan runs the business behind the scenes, including marketing and all social media while also making appearances behind the bar a few times a week to stay in touch with the local community while continuing to share her life, style, DIYs and more on

My Other Life… as a bar/restaurant owner