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And I Ran So Far Away… I Couldn’t Get Away

summer style, striped t-shirt dress, chanel bag, red lips

What I’m Wearing…

* T-shirt dress with lace up shoulders by English Factory
* Vintage Chanel ‘Surpique’ Bucket Bag
* Suede ankle strap heels by Jeffrey Campbell
* Sunglasses by Ferragamo
* Lips by Lancome // ‘L’Absolu Rouge Définition’ Demi-Matte Lipstick in Le Carmin

* Title: A Flock Of Seagulls – I RanA cloud appears above your head… A beam of light comes shining down on you, Shining down on you. The cloud is moving nearer still… Aurora borealis comes in view… Aurora comes in view.

My mom stopped by yesterday for a while and when she got here asked me what I was going to do about the dead raccoon in my driveway… W H A T ? R A C C O O N ? …I asked her. And as I walked out onto my deck to peer over and look for it, I had an immediate flash of Trevor sniffing the air around the area on the deck closest to the carcass the night before. In fact, Trevor was being so persistent that I even opened the deck gate and walked down a few stairs to the lower level to see if anything was there. Of course it was pitch black where said raccoon did lie, and I didn’t see it OR smell it at all. But it was obviously there and he was telling me… And when I finally saw it and smelled it, I wondered how on earth I hadn’t noticed it because it was so unpleasant, I’ll spare you the details.

My mom immediately called my stepdad who rushed over to take care of it for me, thank GOD, because there’s no possible way I wanted to even get near the thing, let alone figure out a way to dispose of it…

But I tend to take things like that as symbols for my life and I woke up this morning wondering what it all meant.

After my morning meditation, which I could barely focus on due to the anxiety I felt when I awoke to vomit on the edge of my bed… because which dog did it? and are they okay? and why did it have to be on the edge of the bed, ruining my duvet, the velvet bench below and my favorite bra that I happened to have left on the bench in the exact spot where the vomit could rest on it? BUT ARE MY DOGS OKAY!?!? and I’m so glad I already have a vet appointment for them tomorrow. … I grabbed my phone and frantically searched for raccoon symbolism.

After swiping past all the results about “spirit animals” and “dream interpretations”, I clicked on a post simply titled Raccoon Symbolism and the first thing that popped up was a quote, apparently from an actual raccoon that said this…

Are you barging into something before you have all the information? Might want to rethink this one. ~ Raccoon

…and after reading it, I felt an immediate surge of panic -as if the raccoon’s quote was already a thought I had been dancing around, or rather, avoiding taking into consideration.

So I searched again, but this time, for dead animal symbolism and read…

Another reason you might come across the mortal remains of an animal is because you’re ignoring some vital truth this messenger has tried to reveal. This is a warning about losing yourself to unrealistic or negative views that can literally eat you up alive… keep your eyes wide open to what is real and what is illusion.

And then I wondered if I was reading into it all far too deeply because the reality of the situation is that I live in the mountains, in a forest, among wild animals, and the possibility of a coyote or mountain lion enjoying his or her dinner on my land, is probably quite normal.

But since raccoons have been an ongoing theme in my life lately, I can’t help but think it all means just a little bit more than meets the eye. I’d rather be honest with myself about the reality of my life and situation than ignore it all and find myself in a place I never wanted to be.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if doubts are simply fear-based thoughts associated with past life experiences or signs that you should take a detour and head down a different path. Because if it were the right path, would you even have to question it at all? If you ignore the obvious signs, sometimes it’s possible that you need a dead raccoon lying in your driveway to spell it out for you in very bold letters. R.U.N.

Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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    can you do an updated post on your workout/diet routine? Your legs look amazing. What workouts do you do specifically that keep your thighs so slim?

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