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Completely Gratuitous Outfit Post




What I’m Wearing
* Indigo Wash J Brand Lovestory jeansseen here and here
* Allison Taylor vintage silk animal print/paisley bomber jacket …seen here
* Victoria’s Secret Sheer floral print loose tank …seen here
* Custom Red Monkey Designs brass studded leather belt …seen here
* DIY gold chain/tassel earrings
* Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses circa 2006 …seen here
* Pour La Victoire Women’s Fanny Open-toe Platform
seen here last

I am so sleepy today. So so sleepy. And I’m making ridiculous faces today in my photos. lol. On my drive to work I always think of 100 things I want to blab about at the bottom of my outfit posts but by the time I get them done, I can’t remember any of it.

I do keep replaying a conversation in my head that I had with a friend recently that just rubs me the wrong way. In fact every single time we talk she says hurtful things …whether about my blog, my life, and {or especially} my lack of being able to conceive a child …just not in so many words. But.Every.Time. It’s so strange. And it’s so hurtful. And usually, I don’t realize it until after our convo is over and I just feel so shitty and want to cry.

So I try to think back on what I said to her “Did I offend her unknowingly and she is just striking back?” …I try to take responsibility for it but I really I am so careful about what I say and don’t say to her. There is a list of things I just don’t address because I don’t want to hurt her but clearly, she does not follow the same rules of consideration.

I try to think she’s just so self involved that she has no idea she’s being so hurtful but on the other hand, she’s not an idiot and she does happen to be very manipulative and vindictive …I just always give her the benefit of the doubt and assume I’ve done something to hurt her. Sigh. I dunno, it’s weird.

Maegan Tintari

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