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Crashin’… Hit a Wall, Right Now I need a Miracle

dress_leather jacket_vans_red lips

What I’m Wearing…

* Striped dress by BB Dakota
* Classic biker jacket… size down!
* Classic Vans
* Red Miss Vara bag by Salvatore Ferragamo
* Butterfly sunglasses by 3.1 Phillip Lim
* Necklace from Happiness Boutique
* Lips by Lancome

* Title: The Chainsmokers – ‘Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya’Stranded, reaching out… I call your name, but you’re not around… Runnin’ out of time… I really thought you were on my side but now there’s nobody by my side… don’t let me down, down, down

Late Saturday night, after returning home from what can only be described as “a weird night out”, I had a mini meltdown, wherein a few tears were documented on Snapchat. Looking back, it all seems so silly, but in that moment I just wanted the feeling of “normalcy” back in my life. I wanted the uncertainty to go out the door, in exchange for the comfort of knowing exactly what was going to happen and when… even though when I was in the midst of that life, I was miserable. But there’s comfort in the knowing, even if you’re unhappy, and compared to the ups and downs and confusion of the situation right now and the unknown of life ahead, in that moment, normal felt safe.

I had to remind myself that it was the unknown that I wanted, the new life adventures and experiences unseen as of yet that enticed me. It was the boredom of the mundane that I wanted to escape from to find new beginnings and new ideas to wrap my brain around. It’s within the uncertainty that creativity is born and where new ideas have the freedom to wander in your head and make a new home where the old one sat collecting cobwebs.

My meltdown was short-lived, but it brought new understanding, as one would hope… and throughout all of this, I’ve learned to welcome the confusion and chaos and allow it to consume me when it needs to rather than to resist and fight it. Ultimately, fighting it is just a cover for not accepting it, and when I look at it right in the face, I’m so grateful for the freedom to live the life I’ve always wanted to and to create the life dreams are made of.

striped dress_black white and red outfit_style

black white red outfit

classic leather jacket_red ferragamo bag

black white and red_vans_sneakers with dresses

red white and black outfit_ striped dress and vans

striped dress_vans

leather jacket and dress

striped dress_leather moto jacket_vans_red bag and lips

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Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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