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DIY Felt Crowns // Party Hats for Pets or Kids

Birthday crowns for Frenchies -DIY Party hats

Trevor and Randy turned ONE on January 19th and just to commemorate their birthday, I thought I’d make them little crowns, which of course, was more for my own amusement than for theirs, BUT they got plenty of treats for being such good models, so it was a win win.

The little crowns are easy and quick to whip up and make the perfect little birthday or party hats for pets or kiddos. In fact, if you use regular glue instead of hot glue, it could be a fun project with your kiddos as well as cute party hats and/or party favors. But if you’re looking for a more sophisticated crown, you can easily stitch up the edges on a sewing machine. One piece of felt is about .45cents and trim is optional, making this project completely affordable and fun for all.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-1

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • Elastic
  • Fancy trim


DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-2

Fold your felt in half long-ways {end to end} and glue it together. It will be 12″ long.

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-3

Create the top of your “crown” by cutting triangles from the folded side.

NOTE: cut each end first so they line up correctly.

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-4

Glue together all openings and gaps, top and bottom, to create a seamless two-layer felt textile.

NOTE: You can stitch this if you prefer.

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-5

Hold your ends together to create your crown and decide where your elastic band will line up by centering it on each side between the front and back.

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-6

Mark your spots with a pen and poke holes with your scissors.

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-7

Slip your elastic through the holes and tie tight knots…

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-8

Trim your excess elastic.

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-9

Glue on your pretty trim {which also hides your elastic knots} and add any other cute details if you wish…

DIY Felt crows for pets or kids-10

And finally, glue your ends together creating your crown.

Once it has dried, trim away any areas that don’t line up just to finish it off.

And… Voila!

DIY Felt crowns for dogs or kids

Happy Birthday Boys!

French Bulldogs with felt crowns

Frenchie with Crown

Pied French Bulldog with crown

French Bulldogs Birthday Crowns

Have Fun!
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