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DIY Shoes // Lace Up Heels with Chevron Ric Rac Trim

DIY Lace up shoes - heels - red platform pumps
Shoe DIYs are my absolute favorite. My very first DIY on this blog was my DIY Louboutin Petal sandals back in 2009 and I’ve been at it ever since. I get really excited about great shoe diys, and it seems they’re on the forefront of my creativity when it comes to DIYs lately… AND it’s a really fun way to upcycle your old shoes, heels, pumps, and flats alike, giving them new life without spending a dime. They’re perfect for the holidays too, just like the Pretty DIY T-strap Pumps with Ankle Bows I recently made. Function + Fashion + Fun!

Lace up heels, pumps, and flats trend often… and right now they’re having another fashion moment. There’s something sexy and sweet about them; something a little naughty and a little nice. Are they bondage or ballet? It’s all up to the wearer and the outfit paired with them, and that’s what makes them so fun.

This DIY in particular is also quite functional. The lacing makes your super high heels easier to walk in because they’re strapped on AND IT’S ALSO GREAT FOR your heels and flats that are a little too big; lacing them up keeps them as snug as a bug in a rug. However, if you want the lace up look without altering your shoes, use this Lace Up Barefoot Sandal DIY tutorial to wear WITH your favorite pumps or flats.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Lace Up Pumps-chevron ric rac

  • Old pumps… Mine are Rock and Republic red suede. See them here and here in outfits posts.
  • Revolving Leather Hole Punch {$14} and an AMAZING tool to have on hand for fun projects like this AND for easily adding extra belt holes without taking your belts to the shoe repair!
  • Lacing of your choice! You can use leather, ribbon, or anything that’s sturdy enough and fits through your holes. I used vintage ric rac trim {which came from my grandma’s old sewing supplies} because the reds matched perfectly and it made the shoes so unique!
  • Sharpie or pencil to mark your holes

Here’s How You Do It…

DIY Lace Up Pumps-3-chevron ric rac
* Try your shoes on and determine where your lacing holes will best suit the design of your pump.

NOTE: It’s best if you determine where your lacing will go with your shoes ON YOUR FEET so you can see where it will visually line up once laced because your feet generally change the shape of your shoe so the actual center may not be centered when they’re on.

* I made 5 holes total on each shoe: 1 front and center, two on each side parallel to each other.

DIY Lace Up Pumps-5-6-chevron ric rac
* Using your revolving leather hole punch on the smallest or second to smallest hole size, punch your marked dots BEHIND THE SHOE SEAM if your pumps have one.

DIY Lace Up Pumps-6-chevron ric rac
* Depending on how high you want your ribbons to lace up your leg, cut at least two yards for each shoe {you can always cut away later} … my trim was already pre-cut in two places, making one lace longer than the other, but I actually liked the imperfection so I left them uneven.

* Thread your lace through your center hole first, pulling it through all the way to the middle of your lace… then proceed lacing it through your next holes. I chose to always pull the lace OVER THE SHOE AND THROUGH instead of under the hole and up… the laces just look better that way.

NOTE: you may need beading pliers to help pull your lacing through your holes, but DON’T make your holes larger because they’ll be too noticeable and take away from the design. Just be careful and with a little patience, you’ll be able to string your lacing through.

* Slip your foot into your shoes like Cinderella, adjust your laces, and criss cross them up your leg {tightly enough to stay put but not so tight that you’re cutting off circulation}, finishing with a bow on the side, front, or back of your ankle. It’s up to you ~ and you can wear them differently each time if you like.

And… Voila!

Lace up platform pumps - red heels
diy lace up heels -red platform pumps-chevron laces
Red Lace Up pumps
DIY Lace up Pumps-red platforms with chevron laces
lace up shoes- red heels
Clearly, I’M OBSESSED!
Lace up shoes - red platform pumps

Have Fun!

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