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Head to Toe Leopard Print

head to toe prints - Leopard on Leopard - pajama dressing, pajama outfit, marc jacobs-manolo blahnik shoes

What I’m Wearing
* Vintage leopard print blouse {80’s}
* Vintage leopard pants, which came with a matching floor-length, zip up caftan not shown {70’s}
* Vintage green scarf worn as a belt.
* Tiffany pendant necklace & Belina gold collar necklace, Betty Carre oval hoop earrings.
* Kenneth Cole white leather tank watch, AV Max BLue Python Pattern Bangle {GILT}, gold & diamond tree branch bangles, Seah Watches Gemini/Pisces leather wrap bracelet.
* Gucci vintage stripe sunglasses.
* Large navy blue chiffon bow barrette was mine from the 80’s.
* Marc Jacobs “The Classic” handbag.
* Manolo Blahnik pink Mary Janes.

Before you go judging this head to to leopard print pajama-esque outfit as crazy bag lady rather than chic, think of how you’d react to it if you saw it on a woman just leaving the Paris fashion shows or on a street style blog or photographed by Scott Schuman or worn by Garance Doré… just to name a few. Not that they would wear this exact ensemble but I’ve seen many an outfit applauded that is just straight lunacy but because it’s dubbed “stylish” by “the right people”, everyone else agrees too. But that doesn’t necessarily mean those agreeable outsiders choose to don it themselves, but rather enjoy being agreeable from a distance. Now, I’m not saying that I dislike my choice of wardrobe here {or that it is incredibly chic} BUT, it was very fun to wear and more eclectic than I usually gravitate towards, and I liked it very much. Taking risks in fashion is of all things, risky, yet I hear woman exclaiming just that all the time. Fashion is a way to invent and reinvent yourself and to make life a little more colorful and fun. So JUMP! Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen? Some insecure person makes fun of you? Snore… all the more fun 😉

please note: I am not encouraging you to shop, especially if your budget won’t allow it. In fact, running up credit card debt for the latest trends is a risk in an of itself and I do not advise it. But I am encouraging you to get creative with what you already have in your closet and/or to thrift shop for unique-one-of-a-kind items that no one else has.

leopard blouse - leopard print pants-pink shoes-green sash belt
braceletes-watches-seah-bangles-kenneth cole-gold tree branch bracelets with diamonds

pajama outfit - leopard print on leopard print-pink shoes-

low ponytail - big adult hair bow- leopard blouse

pajama fashion- leopard print-marc jacobs-vintage

leopard print-green - ponytail

pink manolo blahnik mary janes

big chiffon adult hair bow and low ponytail

leopard print and green

Happy Thursday!



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