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Summer hit and suddenly these warm weather days make me obsess about getting things done around the house. It’s a strange phenomenon growing up without seasons, and literally being able to wear flip flops year round, to now living where it snows and walking outside in flip flops would make my toes turn blue and fall off.

I really and honestly had no idea what the difference was and remember defending LA in the fall when all the leaves would turn yellow and drop. We DO have seasons! I’d exclaim. But no. I was wrong. Again, we’re only an hour and a half away from where I spent most of my life and it’s a world of difference.

Also, when it’s snowing and freezing outside and your days become nights at around 3:45pm, the amount of work you can do on your house is very limited. Anyone who lives in wintery conditions already knows this, but it was news to me. And obviously there’s no point trying to make your exterior look nice when the weather is just going to destroy it.

So it’s Summer now, and all I want to do is landscape and garden and plant things and buy patio furniture and I can’t seem to do it quickly enough. Just before my birthday though, I got an email from Hort Couture asking if I’d like decorate our patio for Summer with their gorgeous selection of exclusive plants and flowers.


But it should be know that I’m not really a gardener, and other than regrowing my orchids and repotting my orchids, I don’t really have a green thumb that I know of. Also, I have no idea what plants and flowers are suited for this new climate so any advice is welcomed. I was really excited to get to try out this service.

And all the plants arrived on my birthday! Shipped directly to me in boxes! I had no idea that was even possible! So here’s what I got…

hort couture plants and flowers, coleus, gerber daisies

hort couture plants and flowers, coleus, gerber daisies

hort couture plants and flowers, coleus, gerber daisies

hort couture plants and flowers, coleus, gerber daisies

hort couture plants and flowers, coleus, gerber daisies

Plant Details and Suggestions from Hort Couture…

Coleus Under the Sea Collection

These plants are actually bred at a university genetics class where they found that the leaves look like fish or coral. If you see these plants at your local Garden Center, half of the royalties actually go back up to the university for Horticulture scholarships.

They are really fun to mix in with containers or put on patios as a conversation piece. They should sit in partial or in full shade if you have it, and if you want to experiment and move your container, the coloration will change with the amount of light you give them. Also included is Senecio or Chalky Blue Fingers, these are just a fun filler that plays with the Under the Sea theme.

Depending on what your plans are I would put all of these together in a nice piece of pottery. If you have anything else you want to put in with them to make it your own you can put a fun tropical thriller in the center, or anything else you have. All of the varieties that get a bit larger are in the middle with the smaller ones on the edges. If anything is getting really tall and it looks like a tree, don’t be afraid to get your scissors out and give it a small haircut. If you take an inch or so off the top this will promote more branching so they will get more bushy and fill out your container.

Gerbera Glamorous

The only thing you need to know about these are that you can put them in the FULL sun. And if you forget to water them they do not wilt like other Gerber Daises.

They have growers that sell to Independent Garden Centers and are exclusive to local nurseries where they create a shopping experience or boutique-like setting with our plants.

Aren’t they so pretty?!

I’ll let you know when I finish planting them and decorating our patio with photos, of course. Because that’s what I do 😉 But in the meantime, check out Hort Couture, enter your zip code and find and Independent Garden Center near you who carries them.


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