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How To Fold a Fitted Sheet Perfectly In Seconds!

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Perfectly Every Time

Apparently, Thursday was National Make Your Bed Day… there seems to be a dedicated day, week, or silly holiday for everything now! But in light of it, and since I rarely make my own bed {I’m such a rebel, I know} I thought I’d share this great video & photo tutorial from Crane & Canopy on how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly in seconds.

Because while I’m relatively organized and have everything folded nicely, my fitted sheets always look like big lumps in my linen closet. And it’s not for lack of trying. In fact, I try really hard to get them to look nice and neat, and eventually just give up and settle for the lump.

In this video and photo tutorial, Crane & Canopy has broken down each step, making folding a fitted sheet easy for anyone to do. I’m excited to say goodbye to that messy, wrinkly ball of lump in my closet and learn how to fold a fitted sheet like a pro.

If you can’t see the video above, click here: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet in Seconds!


how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly in seconds-2

Step 1: Take your fresh-from-the-dryer sheet. Holding the fitted sheet length-wise, locate all four corners.

how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly in seconds-3

Step 2: Inside out your sheet and place each hand inside the corners, directly at the seams. Your hands should now be inside each of the sheet’s top two corners and the opening of the sheet should now face your body.

how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly in seconds-4

Step 3: Bring your right hand to your left, grab the corner and flip the right corner of the sheet over the left. Adjust until the two are aligned. Both corners should now be in your left hand.

how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly in seconds-5-6

Step 4: Run your hand along the front-facing edge of the sheet. Pick up the third corner and tuck corners one and two inside (note: the third corner should be facing inside-out).

how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly in seconds-7

Step 5: Find the last corner and place your hand inside, at the seams. Repeat Step 3 by bringing your right hand to your left. Grab the corner by the seam and flip.

Step 6: Adjust and straighten the fitted sheet such that all corners are tucked in to one another. The elasticized edges should form an “L-shape”.

how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly in seconds

Step 7: Lay your fitted sheet on a flat surface. Square off the edges and fold into halves, or thirds, depending on the desired size.

And… Voila! We’ve just learned how to fold a fitted sheet!

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Happy Sheet Folding!


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