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LA to Vegas ~ The Desert Road

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Before Instagram there was Hipstamatic. It didn’t offer the same fun networky/social media community that Instagram does {Hello new Android users!} but it did have some really cool filters and faux camera lenses for enhancing those less than perfect iPhone 3GS photos.

As I was searching through my old iPhotos on my desktop the other day, I found that I kept scrolling back up to see these faded desert shots again and again. The colors and textures just kept drawing me back to them. There’s something about the road trip to Vegas from LA that is completely thrilling. Yes, thrilling because the destination is VEGAS but there’s something magical about a desert. Though once you get out of LA, the scenery lacks greenery, trees and is mostly brown, sandy, rocky hills, it is still beautiful.

I’m so looking forward to Summer this year, and always I suppose. We have no plans as of yet, but I’ll be finished with my manuscript and after feeling locked up in my home office for so long now, the idea of freedom is really tugging at me. It’s ironic really, when for so long I would have rather been home, safe, dealing with a bit of agoraphobia for a few years time, that now, when I HAVE to stay home, all I want to do is get out.

The grass is always greener… well, not in the desert.

road to vegas from LA-desert 4 road to vegas from LA-desert 2
road to vegas from LA-desert 10 road to vegas from LA-desert 3
road to vegas from LA-desert 7 road to vegas from LA-desert 5
road to vegas from LA-desert 17 road to vegas from LA-desert 11
road to vegas from LA-desert road to vegas from LA-desert 15
road to vegas from LA-desert 12 road to vegas from LA-desert 18

* These photos are from our last trip to Vegas in 2010. I think it’s time for a return visit.


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