my style Winter 2012 Outfits

* Lost in Translation *

floral LAmade dress with black jacket and boots

What I’m Wearing
* LAmade floral “Morgan” dress… courtesy of LAmade and so pretty and versatile. Even though the colors are dark, I’m looking forward to wearing this in the spring and summer months.
* Vintage Bill Kaiserman jacket… my favorite, but slowly dying jacket.
* Vintage belt.
* American Apparel black tights.
* Dolce Vita boots… it’s funny, I haven’t worn these boots in a few years but have pulled them out twice in the last few months. Seen here with my red roses dress. I wasn’t fully sold on them for this look but nothing else was working better.
* Vintage chain necklace I literally just tied in two knots and let hang.
* Cuffs were sent to me by Julie but I can never remember where they are from. I wore them over the cuffs of the dress.
* Vintage earrings were my grandma’s

* I didn’t really do my hair… it was just sort of wet and messy.

Lately it seems I’ve been getting dressed more for evening events, which is really making outfit posts quite tricky as I don’t have my camera’s night settings down just yet. And maybe they’ll never be good? We don’t love the flash so many of the shots come out blurry and though I like the deep colors I get, many details are lost in translation. I’m not gonna lie, it kind of infuriates me, which I think is obvious by the face I’m making in the first photo. Annoyed. I can’t wait for longer days. This getting dark by 5:30 is really counterproductive 😉

This was Saturday night… for a friend’s birthday dinner… a friend who got sick and cancelled said birthday dinner after I was already ready. I should have known better though, just by the fact that I was ready on time that something was amiss 😉 I tend to run late.

* * *

How did we love the Golden Globes last night? I definitely thought Ricky was tame in comparison to last year but I love him nonetheless. Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale and maybe even Michelle Williams were my favorites of the night. Oh and Laura Dern’s beaded green deep V was spectacular! I know everyone raves over Angelina but I didn’t love her dress… and sadly, I thought her tattoos were a bit distracting and took away from her beauty… which is weird for me to even say because I have 7 tattoos and am a fan of body art. Overall though, everyone looked really fabulous last night. I can’t recall one dress or “look” that I gasped at in a bad way. Oh wait, that’s not true… what was going on with the SIDE of Natalie Portman’s dress? So unfortunate… and I guess I was not a fan of all the floor length yellow dresses either. All I kept thinking was B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

floral print dress  with belt

knotted chain necklace- hair

wrist cuffs

my ring-wedding rings-engagement ring

dress with flower print-lamade-black tights and boots

accessories-earrings -rings-jewelry

my ring-floral dress

vintage belt

floral dress with black

* Sorry for the all the wedding & engagement ring shots… I washed them after months of not, and they were so sparkly I couldn’t resist!

Happy Monday!


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