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My Beauty & Make-up ~ Products & Routine ~

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I’ve gotten a few questions regarding make-up so I thought I’d let you in on all my secrets including my very dirty make-up box. My make-up rules are similar to my fashion principles and that is, use what works for you and looks good no matter the brand. {but don’t be afraid to try new things}

I used to be what I like to call a “product whore” …I would buy and try everything and then it would sit under my counter collecting dust for the next seven years before I finally would just throw it away.

Then I tried Bare Minerals …and I stopped trying anything else. No joke.

I’ve been using Bare Minerals since around March of 2005 and I know this because the very first time I used it was for my cousin’s baby shower …where I applied it way too dark and had a bad case of orange face. But I have learned better techniques since, luckily!

{It should be noted that I used to do make-up for head-shot photographer, Erik Hyler for a couple of years . . .although I was never trained professionally. I have also had my make-up done by professionals on sets and learned some great tips from them.}

Okay, blah, blah, blah ~ on with it!

I get most of my make-up at Sephora, Rite Aid, and occasionally, a beauty supply store. {and no, I am not getting paid by any of these companies …although I am totally not against that, hint hint} However, I’m going to use Amazon to link to all the products because it’s going to make it way easier and quicker to create this post {+ amazon will give me a commission if you buy them via them via me – note: some of them are sold in two or three packs}.

I use Neutrogena to wash my face and occasionally Philosophy Purity & Microdelivery exfoliating wash. I then slather my face with not one but three different Aveeno lotions {because I like the way the make-up applies over them and for some reason, one doesn’t cut it!} Just one pump of each on my hand then I rub them all together and apply to my entire face, including my eyes …The last Aveeno lotion I use is not on amazon …it is Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer with total soy complex.

Bare Minerals …I LOVE this stuff! It makes putting on make-up in the morning a snap! {it also has SPF in it …but I have that in my lotion as well}.

If you’ve never used it, I suggest getting a starter kit in your skin color because it comes with all the brushes you need. I originally used the tiny Kabuki brush but have upgraded to the Full Flawless Face – which I actually like so much better. I use the concealer brush for my well rested aps and the regular Flawless Face for warmth/blush application.

I use:
Fairly Light
~ for all over foundation
Well Rested to cover blemishes {it’s for under eye darkness but I don’t really get that due to the way my eyes are set} but I like the color and texture for covering big old gross zits with.
Warmth ~ which I use mostly on my cheeks then for all-over color {neck as well to blend}
Mineral Veil when I’m all done to set it and give it a little glow {some have a bit of sparkle!}

I then use Benefit Hoola bronzer on my cheeks and eyes …but I do not use the brush that comes with it …YUCK…. I use an old Club Monaco brush {that they don’t make any longer} with short flat edge bristles {it’s the long clear-handled one shown above in my box ..hehehe, yes, I’m 12}. After this application, I usually go back to my Fairly Light Full Flawless {or Kabuki} Brush and use it to smooth out color and even any random blotches out. Don’t forget your neck!

I use a random rounded tipped eyeshadow brush and Stila eye shadows. I love the way they apply and last and their colors are fab …everything about Stila eye shadows I adore. Some are matte and some are sparkly and I use them together. I usually go with very natural colors for my day look and for work. For night I do it all a bit heavier and I always opt for a smokey eye.

I learned from getting my make-up done that people don’t always look at your eye shape and they just apply make up the way they were taught. Which means, they would ALWAYS apply way too much eyeliner on my upper lid and nothing below. Here’s the problem with that: my eyes are very set in and you can’t see my lid very well. If you apply dark to that part, like you would on a normal eye, it will make my eyes look much smaller and even more set in.

So, like I stated earlier, I use the hoola bronzer over my entire lid to start. Then I use Stila Holly Golightly {more brown tones} or Diamond Lil {more gray tones} on the upper/outer corner then over the crease to sort of form my own eye lid …it’s all an illusion! I sometimes use only those or add a bit of Terra with the Holly Golightly and a bit of Purple Batura with the Diamond Lil.

After I get my crease and dark shades done, I use Moonlight and Chinois in the inner corner of my eyes, down my nose, right above my lip and above my eyebrows …but very lightly just for highlighting. {I rarely use the pink and peach shown in my box above any more …but maybe on occasion}

After all of this is done, I use my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil over my entire face and eyes.

If I am going out at night, I fill in my eyebrows with Lorac Blonde Creamy Brow Pencil {then use the mineral veil} but for work/day {time is always a factor in the am} I just use Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel in clear {but maybe I’ll try blonde next time}.

Eyeliners: Cover Girl Perfect Blend pencils {mostly in black, occasionally in charcoal}. These are great because they have the smudger on the end and it’s a soft and good one. I kind of assume all eye liner is the same but the smudger is very important because it has to be soft. CG makes a good one. I’ve tried expensive ones including Chanel and not loved it. If the pencil is too hard, that’s a problem too but you can always heat it up with your hair dryer. I apply this heavier to the outer corners and under the eye …then smudge it with the smudger. If it’s for night, I do it heavier and smokier and usually add a little liquid black eyeliner {then smudge that too} because it’s a darker black {currently using Kat Von B for Sephora} but I used to have an Almay one that rocked. Also, sometimes I add a little black eyeshadow to enhance the smokiness …but only for night.

As you may know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I have very short, very straight, and very blonde eyelashes and have supreme eyelash envy of flutter-eyed women! The BEST mascara for eyelashes like mine is Loreal Voluminous! I have been using it since high school and I’ve tried so many since and always go back to it! I recently bought Loreal Lash Out {the longer/gold one} and it works pretty well too.

I need TWO eyelash curlers. The flatter and less rounder curlers get closer to your lids and curl from the base instead of middle. BEFORE I apply mascara {which I thought never worked until I tried it} I use the big Tweezerman one {sometimes I heat it up with my hair dryer but don’t burn your lids!!!} …then I use a completely flat half-sized curler to curl each section more. I swear by this one …but I’m not sure the one I listed above is quite right…but you can get it at your local beauty supply or maybe even drug store. …and then I apply mascara. To the top and bottom and really only one coat because it’s thick and if I do more, my poor lashes will just fall flat.

PHEW! This took forever!! I hope I covered everything …oh wait!

I am absolutely in love with Evian Brumisateur {facial spray}. It feels so good to just mist it all over your face! Some people spray it over their make-up for a dewy look but I usually just use it when my face is bare or in the summer when it’s hot.

And how could I forget lips!!?!?! I LOVE Lip Fusion. LOVE IT. I have been using it since it came out. However, it doesn’t really plump my lips like it says it does I just love the color “Sweet” and the way it feels on my lips. Also, it has a mirrored handle so you can check your lip application on the fly and also check if you have any food in your teeth {an obsession since high school sadly …but Tiffany has it too!}. I have to say that I rarely wear dark lips. It just doesn’t work for me. Besides, if you play up your eyes, you should leave your lips more natural and vice versa. I just always feel like a kid playing dress-up when I have red lips …It also makes me look very Irish and brings out all my freckles …and that is fine …but, not really. lol. I also don’t want to worry about lipstick on my teeth or it not being applied right and you never have to worry about that with gloss. If I’m going out at night, I’ll use a nude liner first {now I’m using Pout 36 but I kind of want to try this Bare Essentials one I just found}…which actually does make my lips look bigger, but I can’t bother with it every day.

Hope anyone who was interested got what they were after!! Please let me know if I’ve missed anything. I’m thinking I maybe should have just done a video instead of typing this all out. …maybe if you ask very nicely, I’ll do just that 🙂

Happy Thursday!

Note: None of the original photos are included in this post

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