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My InstaLife Recap | Week 6/9-6/15 in Photos

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pug in wheels

The only time I really walk the dogs is when the husband is gone for the day… which isn’t often because we both work from home… and since he’s the best husband ever, considers this his job, which makes me so happy, you don’t even know, unless you have ridiculously special needs dogs like we do, and very little patience, like I have. But this weekend he went home to visit his dad for Father’s day and I was on doggie duty and I”m pretty sure I put Bebop’s wheels on wrong… because he kept stopping and looking at me like this. * Read Bebop’s Story Here

Justin Timberlake 2007 Sexy Back concert shorts Healthy Snack : Avocado with garlic salt
lake through the trees striped tank and shorts

1. Randomly rummaging through my “shorts” drawer and found these smashed all the way in the back. From the 2007 Justin Timerlake Sexy Back concert. Yup Yup!
2. My favorite snack
3. The lake through the trees
4. Finally feeling brave enough to wear shorts out on our walks… the walks and hikes are tightening the jiggle ::high kicks::

homemade cookie dough husband washing cars
dog clothes and dog diapers chicken skewers for dinner

1. Cookie dough… which resulted in homemade chocolate chip cookies
2. A rare sight: The husband washing our cars
3. The dog clothes and dog diapers cupboard in the mud room. Which would be a LOT cuter if it was for a baby and not for our dogs. :/
4. Dinner | Teriyaki chicken skewers, couscous, and seared asparagus {and by seared, I mean, slightly burnt. … but the amazing thing about asparagus, is no matter how I cook it; too long, not long enough, burnt, etc., it ALWAYS tastes good}

black french bulldog, LeRoy long blonde waves, coral dress, summer style
chips and salsa summer florals, stripes and flower prints

1. LeRoy is STILL not over The Red Wedding but misses Game of Thrones already.
2. Last week’s outfit post | Maxi Dress & Sneakers and lot’s of hair
3. Sometimes it’s just chips and salsa for dinner
5. A fun box of mixed florals and stripes arrived from Lovers and Friends, LA and I’ can’t wait to wear it all! SHOP links: striped blazer | tank | dress | floral blazer

I think therefore I am t-shirt, lil brother in law, Kolbe lake arrowhead
kale salad with quinoa donuts, doughnuts

1. The other little brother in law, Kolbe excited to see the lake {the husband’s dad {my FIL} and family came up for a visit last weekend… you can see more in Last Week’s Recap and learn more here: Meet New Baby Dominic
2. The lake… I was determined to get in it this week, but it didn’t happen. Too much work. Hoping for next week.
3. Kale salad with quinoa {I’ll post my full/easy recipe soon since I keep getting requests for it}
4. And the doughnuts the family brought up last weekend :/

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

And Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and Doggy Dads too!


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