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New Frames by David Kind | Eyeglasses Made Easy

david kind eyeglasses-new frames

I’ve always wanted eyeglasses. My mom has worn glasses since I can remember and my brother needed them at the age of five, so my whole tribe wore glasses but me. Though I was grateful for my good vision, I felt left out. And then as I grew up, I wanted glasses to wear as an accessory to change up my style and create a different “look”, but I was out of luck. Even when it became fashionable in the last few years to wear glasses without prescription lenses, I just couldn’t do it. I do happen to blame my sunglasses obsession on this, because at least while I was out in the sun, I could change up my look with sunglasses, but also, my eyes are ridiculously sensitive in the bright sun, and I can’t not squint and tear up if I’m outside unprotected. It’s a nice excuse to have an inordinate amount of sunglasses, but I also take care of them and splurge on classic styles that I can wear for years. It all works out.

At the ripe old age of 37 {just last summer}, and after years of staring at my computer, I started having trouble focusing and was getting serious eye strain and achey eyeballs by the end of each day. I also realized I was leaning in closer and closer to my monitor that was killing my posture and giving me back pain too! This at first, came as good news to me because I could finally get the glasses after years of yearning, lol!

I went to my local eye doc, had all the tests done and purchased a pair of cute glasses through them, and texted my mom and brother when I got them with excitement… to which they rolled their eyes at, because obviously, needing glasses is not as fun as I had once imagined.

I liked my new frames but soon realized they were surprisingly heavy and left those dark indentations on my nose for a really long time after taking them off. So when David Kind asked if I wanted to try their service and post about it in exchange for a new set of frames, I said YUP!

david kind glasses to try on

The whole process was super easy. I just signed up at David Kind, uploaded a headshot and an expert eyewear stylist chose six different frames that were right for my face shape then sent them out with return shipping included. The frames arrived in lightening speed, in an adorable cork box with a mirror so I could try them all on right there and choose my favorite. I liked a set in my first batch and then I simply emailed my “stylist” my eye doctor info so they could do the footwork of getting my prescription, sent the glasses back in the same box they came in, and within days I got my new glasses in the mail!

david kind eyeglasses

I went with The Roman because they were so different from my other glasses and had a cool retro masculine feel. They are SO light weight on my nose that they are my preferred pair now. And I just love them.

I haven’t tried any of the other types of services like this to compare, but the whole process via David Kind was easy and efficient and I love my new frames!

david kind glasses

* I was gifted a pair of eyeglasses for this post but was not paid otherwise. All opinions of the process are my own… and all photos & selfies taken with my iPhone 😉


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