my style Summer 2011 Outfits

Ooooooh watch out! You’re gonna lose control

red pants + blue suede heels+ stripes and leopard

What I’m Wearing
* Red cropped/zippered pants are from Victoria’s Secretnow I usually don’t buy pants from VS because of the fit but these were on sale for $20 and I couldn’t resist. And overall, they are okay. But they get a bit more bunchy in the crotchal region than I’d prefer considering I don’t have a penis and all. But really, who can complain about $20 pants that are passable enough? And besides, it’s not AS noticeable in reality. …seen here with different stripes & brown accessories
* Striped tank is from Amazon I think, and inexpensive as well. I actually tried REALLY hard to NOT wear stripes with these pants but I couldn’t. I think I went through every top in my closet before giving into the stripes. I like it, it was just expected & I wanted something else.
* Leopard calf-skin belt is thrifted… could be vintage but could just be used as well.
* Made Her Think rose gold and drop stud earrings …which are surprisingly sharp to the touch! from GILT
* Vintage rose gold necklace and rope chain necklace
* Gucci large cat eye sunglasses
* Aldo blue suede shoes which fab leopard insoles …which I bought with the purple ones I DIY’d because I just loved them.

* Hair was wet & I couldn’t be bothered so I clipped it up then back then into a messy pony tail and called it a day.

* Title: lyrics from New Edition “Cool it Now” PLEASE, I beg you to watch Bobbie Brown in this video… it’s like his head/face NOW but on a little boy’s body. Then watch THIS & tell me how Jamie Foxx went back in time just to cameo in this video. Amazing dance moves & superior performance.

thick  stripes and  red pants  with leopard belt and messy pony tail

dog through the fence

The neighbor’s dog, Tucker… such a sweetie.

Tucker + lab + dog + grass

stripes and leopard  and red and blue sued shoes

Blue Suede Pumps Aldo +   red pants

blue and white striped tank   +  chains and gucci sunglasses

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Ooh, wine time!  Coppola merlot is my favorite.

Happy Friday Lovecats


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