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Our Living Room ~ As it Is NOW {But Forever Changing}

coffee table and couch

Our house is never done. I have ideas and thoughts about how it “should” look and how to make it better and they are never-ending and forever swirling… you’re probably the same 🙂 But for now, this is what our living room looks like. And I am content… for now.

It’s a good thing though, that my ultimate plan when we moved into this freshly carpeted house, was to rip it out & replace it with hard wood once it got disgusting enough {because why waste it?}, and the puppies are sure moving that plan to the top of our list of things to do as we potty train them. However, now that we’ve started our exterior landscaping project, the flooring will have to wait. Which really, is a good thing, because these dogs will be ruining it for the next few months, and I love not “really” worrying about it.

We purchased our cozy but huge sectional at Pampa in Sherman Oaks the month we bought our house and had it delivered up the mountain when it was ready. It’s actually a deep gray or charcoal in color, but it reads a bit of a faded navy or blue and I kind of love it. My accent color is obviously blue, so it works out.

I tend to create backdrops in neutrals and buy furniture in the same hues, then I can use color to decorate it, style it and make it pop. The good thing about this method is if I get sick of blue in this space, I can easily and more affordably swap out pillows and decor accents without breaking the bank. And I think even just adding an alternate color will change the tone of the sofa.

The coffee table was a long-awaited purchase. I found a gorgeous rustic one up here in a shop called Jeannine’s Home Furnishings, but it was about $1200 more than I wanted to spend on a coffee table. I found this one at Joss & Main, among many of the items you see in this space, for under $500 including shipping, so that made me happy. The drawers on the opposite side are nice for hiding the husband’s xbox controllers and other messes.

Like the couch, the thick shag round rug is a deep charcoal gray too but reads a bit blue, and I purchased it at Joss & Main as well for our old house but used it only for a few months before we moved. I also finally found a fiddle leaf fig tree and replaced the eucalyptus tree that didn’t love living indoors, though my fiddle fig isn’t doing that well either. I think that corner is very dry and gets hit by the heater :/

The shelves in the background along the staircase half-wall were in my closet and since the stain matched the windows and doors, they found a home in our living room. They may not reside here forever, but they work for now. I haven’t really changed the decor around them since I DIY’d the Feather Wall Art/JuJu hat because I still love it.

The dining room and kitchen are part of this space as well, but they’re not to my complete liking yet. The dining room table is a really dark wood that I will most probably refinish, but I want to wait to see what color wood I decide on the floors to finalize what color I’ll go with on the table as well as purchase new chairs for it. And I feel the same about the kitchen… the custom cabinets are nice, but not 100% my style, but again, I want to wait to refinish them {swap out the hardware and countertops as well} when we rip out carpet and do the floors. The colors will all depend on what I choose for the floors, so for now, they wait.

So here’s our cozy living room as it sits now…

cozy sofa pillows

lake house living room

living room coffee table

living room-lovemaegan

The magazine basket is from Pottery Barn and the blue and white print garden stool I found for $35 at a local thrift shop! Curtains and rods are all Crate & Barrel.. and I painted the art in the stairwell.

All the shells you see are vintage, they are my mom’s from the early ’80s when she collected them for her own house. Many of the blue and white vases are collected from thrift and vintage shops and most of the other decor accents are from Joss & Main and/or collected from shops local in the area.

The large floral pillows on the couch are Barclay Butera & used to sit in our old master bedroom and the nautical stripe pillows are from a local shop called The Lake House, which I adore.

living room

stairwell shelves

The three below are via my iPhone… & at different times of day, thus the colors.

maegan-living room-iphone-1

maegan-living room-iphone-2

maegan-living room-iphone-3

* Check out all my inspiration for this space on my Lake House Pinterest Board


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