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Quick DIY Fabric Lined Basket

DIY Fabric Lined Basket_home office-blush pink drapes

I mentioned the other day that this week I’ve been cleaning out my office and giving it a little refresher and though I thought I’d be done by now, I’m still just not. But in the mean time, I’ve done a few little DIYs to bring the space together and this is one of them.

I needed a place to house my monthly giveaway stuff and prior to now, this shelf-bench sort of became the place where everything random just landed. As I decluttered my space, I also realized a needed to create new places for different areas of my life. Three years later, I still love my office, but I use it a bit differently than I did in the beginning and so I needed to reorganize for that.

It’s still basically the same use of space, with a few upgrades, which you’ll see soon. I have another cute DIY coming … {which is actually on Snapchat right now} then I need to hang some art, finish decorating, and then declutter the two Ikea expedit shelving units that surround my desk, and THEN I will finally be done… for now anyway. I’d still love to install new light fixtures, new flooring, get a new desk {because the laminate on mines is starting to peal along the edges} renovate my closet and my bathroom in this space. But until then, it’s good enough.

BUT now… DIY Fabric Lined Baskets

These baskets were your regular run-of-the-mill reddish brown in color, so I gave them a quick refresh with gold spray paint… but that wasn’t enough. It’s just that I wanted something a little softer along the edges for the large one, so I found this blush pink fabric {which is actually from a vintage tablecloth because if you find the right shade of pink, you buy it, no matter what it was in a previous life -though this may have been a random find/hand-me-down from my mom} grabbed my office stapler and got to work.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

  • Basket of choice
  • Fabric of choice
  • Office stapler {if your fabric is thin} Staple gun {if your fabric and basket are heavier}
  • Scissors


DIY Fabric Lined Basket_Pink and Gold

  • I first spray painted my basket gold, if you want to change the color of your basket, begin there and let it dry, of course.
  • To line the basket…
  • Measure and cut a your fabric at least 3-4 inches larger than your basket. Remember that the fabric is going to sit inside the basket, and allow space for it to do so.
  • Beginning at the center of the longest side, staple your fabric to the top/inner rim of your basket, on the inner side of your fabric so that it flips over and hides the staples.
  • Continue along all the sides until you get to the end/corner.
  • Overlap your edges and staple them down, leaving an opening in your fabric.
  • This opening will remain unless you wish to staple it down to the bottom, which I did not. I simply tucked it over the other and into the corner and hid the entire opening. This is why you cut your fabric larger than your basket.
  • That’s it!
  • I love that it doesn’t have to be perfect to get the look!

And… Voila!

Fabric lined gold basket

gold basket with pink fabric liner

Have Fun! Happy Friday Lovecats!

Stay tuned for a few more fun DIYs from around my office as well as a final new reveal of my space as it is now.

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