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I’m always on the fence about these types of posts because they seem so vapid, materialistic, and likely to promote shopping. On the other hand, sometimes it’s a nice little peek at what’s to come. In this particular case, it’s a little of both.

electric piano keyboard

As you may know, I started taking piano lessons recently… and I’m in love. Up until last week, I had just been learning how to read music, but my third lesson required me to “practice” and I had nothing to practice on. And of course, ultimately I dream of owning and playing a glossy black baby grand piano {because who wouldn’t?}, but I thought I’d start with something a bit more affordable.

This not-so-little Casio CDP-120 Digital Piano is kind of awesome. I got a ton of comments {from you :} to look for a keyboard with weighted keys so it felt more “real” and thank you for that advice, it was spot on!! Luckily I found this Casio {$349 at Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks} and I love how heavy the keys feel, not to mention it sounds exactly like a piano. So thank you! I’m not playing any songs yet, but I do have a “Jig” to practice 😉 It’s funny, the little keyboard I had as a kid {complete with ’80s pastel buttons}, was also a Casio.


konjac sponges

Remember when I did a beauty post about these awesome Japanese Konjac Sponges? Well if not, here’s a refresher: BEAUTY PRODUCTS I’M DYING TO TRY: KONJAC VEGETABLE SPONGES

Last week, the company must have seen the post because they sent me an email asking if I’d like to actually try them and since I hadn’t gotten around to buying a few on my own, I said yes, of course! And I love them. Well, I’ve only tried the black/charcoal one so far… and as you can see, it’ a little larger than the white one because I’ve gotten it wet. They arrive hard and crispy until you soak them in water and then you can use them alone or with your favorite soap as an exfoliator. They’re 100% natural, remove blackheads, while hydrating skin. Learn more & shop at: Japanese Konjac Sponges {They make the perfect stocking stuffer as well!}


new cardigans

I bought 3 new long cardigans after writing this post: 22 Long Cardigans: Cozy, Bohemian, and Surprisingly Chic!

You saw {me already wearing} one in yesterday’s outfit post: She’s Like the Wind Through My Tree {and I think it’s sold out now :(}

But here are the other two: Three Dots Open Cardi and Free People Buttermilk Biscuit Cardigan in navy, both from Shopbop

tartan plaid maxi dress

And I also bought this Tartan Maxi Dress {on sale at Nordstrom right now} by Free People because it’s the perfect cozy holiday dress {NOT to be confused with Cute Cocktail Party Dresses} & that I’m planning on wearing with sweaters and boots. {though I haven’t tried it on yet, so I’m hoping it’s as cute on my body as it is on the hanger}


contrast necklace choker ogjm

So excited to wear this black and white choker by Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer. Their jewelry collections are more like contemporary art than jewels and are just so cool. This particular necklace looks awesome alone, but also layered with other pieces. You’ll see it in an outfit post soon. Shop OGJM Necklaces


lovers and friends

Sometimes {most times} being a blogger is pretty awesome. The other day this box of fun pieces arrived from Lovers & Friends. I can’t wait to wear that floral print sweatshirt… that actually feels like a blouse. It’s reminiscent of my grandma, and I love it.

Last season they sent me this floral tank and striped blazer which were Summer-perfect.


obiqo creams

I had just run out of my favorite face cream by 3Lab when Obiqo, a New Zealand Skincare co. sent me a few new creams to review… another blogging perk 😉 I’ve started using the Restorative Night Cream before bed and so far so good. I love the scent, which is not too strong, the consistency is nice and the price is far more affordable than my last fave. Happy camper here.

Here’s a little blurb: A protected natural resource and the star of Obiqo’s unique skincare line is New Zealand sea kelp, which is harvested under license and then blended with proprietary formulations of sweet herbs, natural flora extracts, essential oils and sea lavender to provide a rich sensory experience. Obiqo products are not only great for your skin, they’re sensational for your soul. All the marine extracts used in these products are derived from sustainable sources and the methods of extraction are natural, gentle and solvent-free.


crocs winter boots

new crocs winter shoes boots

Last but certainly not least, my happy feet in the winter belong to Crocs. The first photo are last year’s boots that I’m still wearing now, and will continue through this winter… but they’ve sent me even more and I have to admit I’m wearing the little fleece-lined half clog-ish looking things as slippers and OMG they’re so good.

We had our deck re-stained over the summer and literally ONE SNOWFALL turned it into a dirty mess.


LeRoy Frenchie Frog Dog

LeRoy is doing better on his new meds {phenobarbital for seizures} though he’s still having mild ones every now and then, he’s not so “drunk” and falling over anymore.

Happy Hump Day!

I can’t not think of that commercial now. Happy Wednesday.


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