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* She Dreams in Color, She Dreams in Red *

bed+blue and white + ari dein pajamas

What I’m Wearing
* Ari Dein silk pajamas in peacock from Faire Frou Frou …and now looking at their shop I want the boutique hotel chemise omg it’s so fabulous.
* Fake glasses I’ve had forever and always want to wear but feel ridiculous wearing fake glasses.
* Photos taken by the husband in our Master Bedroom

*Title: lyrics from Pearl Jam “Better Man” …the very first note of this song gives me shivers. I love it. It’s amazing. I remember it having a deeper, & more emotional-closer-to-my-heart meaning when in a past unhealthy relationship. It’s so good. I think at one point it even represented my father and the “she” in the song was my mother. Okay, before I cry . . .

ari dein pajamas on the bed

These amazingly luxurious silk pajamas by Ari Dein are just that . . . amazingly luxurious and feel so good against my skin it should be a sin to wear them. They were my birthday gift from the husband after my hinting and winking and writing about them, and please know that I am well aware that he completely spoils me rotten and am unbelievably lucky to have him regardless of said “spoiling”. I have found a better man …the best man ;).

I had a wonderfully relaxing birthday and want to thank you all for your sweet comments on my birthday post, on twitter and on facebook. The internet blows my mind every day. Without it, I wouldn’t know any of you and look how it’s brought so many people from around the world together …or at least, virtually together. xoxox.

* warning: photo overload ahead. also note: Blaire wore them on Gossip Girl in rusty peach

ari dein navy mens pajamas

Ari Dein Pajamas in   the  bedroom with leroy

master bedroom+leroy+ari dein pajamas

ari dein pajamas with leroy on the bed

flowers on the nighstand

ari dein silk pajamas 2

LeRoy on the bed

ari dein silk pajamas on the  edge of the bed with leroy

ari dein silk pajamas on   the bed with leroy

hat and book and glasses

ari dein pajamas - laughing

Happy Friday Lovecats

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