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Sporty Neon Chain Necklace DIY

Neon chain necklace - DIY

Since “sporty” and “neon” are buzzing Spring trends, I thought I’d combine the two and whip up something bright, sporty, and cool rather than spend a pretty penny on something that may be just a passing fad. The idea popped in my head whilst searching through my craft closet the other day. I found these old neon shoe laces I had originally bought for my roller skates in or around 2003… which was the first time neons made their way back into fashion since the 80’s and they’ve been coming and going every few years since.

* On a scale of 1-10, 1 being easy and 10 being difficult, this DIY ranks at around a 2 and is similar to THIS and this -see refashioned necklaces in both vintage outfit posts.


neon chain necklace diy-1

* Chunky chain link OR use a chain necklace you already have, like I did.
* Sporty neon shoe laces. {I used one 81″ shoe lace but you can use two shorter laces and skip the last few steps if you choose}
* Scissors & lighter


neon chain necklace diy-2

* Cut two sections of chunky chain, one about 11″ and one about 10″ OR if you’re using a necklace, double it, making sure all links are facing the same direction and that the inner section is shorter than the outer.

neon chain necklace diy-3

* If you have two separate chains, weave your shoelace through the links. If you’ve doubled a necklace, begin at the bend and weave your shoe lace through to the other end.

neon chain necklace diy-4

* Allow about 10″ of lace and trim it into a V. {if you have 2 laces, skip the rest}

neon chain necklace diy-5

* Heat the end of your lace with your lighter, then pinch it together and blast it again. This will give it a nice finished look & keep it from fraying and unraveling.

neon chain necklace diy-6

* For the necklace version, take your cut lace and weave it through the inner chain. If you have two chains, weave one lace into the other chain at one end to keep them together. I suppose you can also just choose to weave your lace through the chain and wear it long but my goal was to create a collar bone necklace.

neon chain necklace diy-7

* It should look something like this.


Sporty neon chain necklace diy

Neon chain necklace- shoe lace DIY

Neon Chain Necklace DIY- shoelaces

Have Fun!


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