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Taking Out… Eating In… Menus… Organizing…

take  out menus  in a binder + pink peonies and crystal on kitchen table

Though I’m creative in many ways, when it comes to food, I draw a complete blank. And when I do cook, I’m such a freak about the meal turning out perfectly that I completely stress out about it …as if I’m cooking for The Queen. It always ends up tasting good, but the process is just such a train wreck/headache that it’s pointless really to put myself -and the husband- through it …especially on a daily basis.

I always thought I’d start cooking when I had kids to feed though. Obviously I want to raise healthy kids but since we’re not getting anywhere in the kid department, I think the only thing that will actually inspire me to cook at this point …is to start a food blog. I know.

SOOOOOOOOOO, as embarrassing as this is to admit . . .the husband and I eat out/order in at least 6 days a week …and sometimes 7. I love it and hate it simultaneously. I love it because of everything I said above and I don’t really have time to cook and I can get anything I want. I hate it because of the waste it creates …especially when it’s delivered in styrofoam containers.

When we lived in our very small condo with our ridiculously small kitchen I created this binder to organize all of our menus . . . and over time, we have been less than organized with it and have also accumulated more menus.

messy take out food menus

messy takeout menus

Yesterday I finally had enough of all the menus falling out every time I pulled the binder out of the cupboard and I purged {though I hate that word because it reminds me of vomit, sorry sis ;}

take out menus on the kitchen  floor + trash

…and finally got our old menu binder back down to a normal size

Organizing Take Out Menus

…and then we ordered dinner from Aromi Cafe, delivered in styrofoam containers. But man was my Caprese Panino & Chicken with Wild Rice Soup delish!

aromi caprese panino  aromi chicken wild rice soup
aromi pastry desserts

and a few pastries, of course

yes, we’re total assholes. but we do own a Prius, so that should make up for it a little, right?
it should also be known that all the local restaurants know us by name & the husband brought them all cupcakes last Christmas …yep, it’s confirmed, we’re total douches



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