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The Evolution of a Room: Game Room to Everyday Room

home decor, union jack flag print, vintage modern chairs, gold stump side tables, victorian dog portraits

When we first moved into this rental house from our tiny condo in the beginning of 2010, we were playing a lot of games with friends like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc. so I created our Rock and Roll Video Game Room. But over the past two years, and as I’ve gotten busier, our plastic guitars and Dance Dance Revolution pads just started to collect dust. My husband still plays his own games, but I rarely play anymore. So the room sort of morphed into a room where mostly the husband spends his time, working, reading, watching sports, and playing games. I finally decided to swap out the guitars on the walls for a bookshelf full of the husband’s comic book collection. The Union Jack Flag print is still the same but I’ve added the Andy Warhol “Pepper Pot Soup Can” art print from, four Banksy prints, and of course, LeRoy & Bebop’s custom Victorian portraits in gold frames to play off the golden tree stump side tables from the Phillips Collection {which I found at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall}

I’ve recently swapped out my mongolian hair pillows for a larger, white faux fur style due to the mangled and knotted mongolian hair that combing could no longer fix.

vintage modern chairs, union jack flag print

white orchids, decor details

warhol soup can

our family room, game room, den

banksy wall art

black bound books, pug book ends

I chose only black bound books and used the black pug book ends to create a long dog illusion which makes me smile every time I look at it. {this is at the end of the room above the sliding glass doors, out to the backyard}

brick wall, video gaming area

large flat screen tv and plants

This house really leant itself to some fun, eclectic, and quirky decor, which I really love and will miss when we move. The 3 brick walls in this room add such great color and texture that you don’t find often in homes here.

game room, reading room, family room

See it in action here. Husband’s NFL fantasy draft…

nfl fantasy draft day

What it used to look like…

video game room, rock band room

And when we first moved in…

golden stumps side tables, gold leaf log table

Our new house is more classic in style and design but I still hope I can recreate a similar space in it. We are moving in less than a week and so looking forward to being there and done with the actual “move” part of it. Oh so much ahead of us this week.


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