The Little Camel Jacket that Could

cat eye sunglasses+camel jacket+salt and pepper tweed wide leg pants+leopard print t shirt+louis vuitton bag+long belt+sharp

camel jacket+leopard shirt+tweed pants

wide leg tweed pants with camel jacket and louis vuitton bag

wide leg tweed pants with camel jacket and leopard tshirt

browns and grays+leopard print+camel jacket+sharp

leopard print t shirt+tweed wide leg pants+vintage wool camel jacket+boyfriend belt+lace up boots+louis vuitton+sharp

Yet another abundance of photos …but you tell me you like it 😉

What I’m Wearing
* Vintage wool camel jacket …this came with a pencil skirt as a suit but I wear them separately, obviously 😉 …seen once here. One little button popped off this morning as I was getting dressed, I kept it in my pocket all day as if I was going to sew it back on while at work. {that didn’t happen}
* Forever 21 leopard print, short sleeve, turtleneck t-shirt {c.a. 2006} …I haven’t worn this in a while actually, and found it at the bottom of my drawer, only after deciding I couldn’t possibly wear my denim shirt AGAIN.
* Express salt and pepper tweed wide leg pants – or trousers if you prefer 😉 – I’ve had these for ages. A great staple in any wardrobe. They always come back in style. …seen here
* Asos boyfriend belt …I love this belt. You could almost size down though. I find when I wear it around my actual waist, I have to put it on the smallest hole and it’s still a bit loose, which I like, don’t get me wrong, because it’s more comfy. AND because it’s a bit big, I can also wear it around my hips with jeans. I’m a true Medium and that’s what I bought but could have gone with a small …just fyi. – – also note: these boots from Asos are HOT
* Sam Edelman lace up granny boots {I always seem to wear these shoes with this belt}
* Vintage Givenchy perfume bottle necklace was my grandma’s …seen once here …both rings were also my grandma’s, one is older than the other
* Nicole Miller drop ball rhinestone earrings from GILT
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses
* …though I would have preferred this DVF bag instead dvf blue bag…which I purchased yesterday via HauteLook/Facebook sale. I only wish I had this pop of color for the outfit.

* * * * *

As I was getting dressed this morning the husband casually walked by and said “Gettin’ dressed for THE LADIES today, huh” … long … pause …WHAT?! I responded.

Husband: “You know, BIG MAN pants”
Me: “…and what pants would you consider for the men?”
Husband: “You know, TIGHT ones”
Me: “Well, that’s not the look I’m going for”
Husband: “Yeah, so you’re dressing for the ladies today”

I left it at that but just for fun, forced him to tell me I look pretty before I got in my car to leave for work. I mean, I suppose he has a point, considering he’s a man and all but do you think it’s valid? Do you think NO man would find this outfit attractive? I’m not so sure about that but I’m not so sure I care either. I don’t get dressed for men OR women in the morning, I get dressed for myself …based on how I feel, based on how I wish to use my creativity for the day and portray myself to the world. I wonder if he thinks he’s dressing for the ladies? 😉

Who do you get dressed for?

vintage camel jacket+70's jewelry+leopard print t shirt+louis vuiton bag

vintage Givenchy perfume bottle necklace from the 70's+leopard tshirt

lace up boots with salt and pepper tweed pants and louis vuitton bag+sharp

blurry shot+70's jewelry

Happy Friday Lovecats

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