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There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

floral romper_summer style_big hair_vintage chanel

What I’m Wearing…

* Vintage floral romper, altered a bit ( also seen here in 2011 – and I’m dying to grow my bangs long enough to rock a middle part again )
* Vintage Chanel Surpique Bucket Bag
* Gucci sunglasses
* Jeffrey Campbell ankle strap sandals

* Title: Shawn Mendes – There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me BackOh, I’ve been shaking, I love it when you go crazy, You take all my inhibitions… You take me places that tear up my reputation, Manipulate my decisions – Baby, there’s nothing holding me back…

You can’t create a new future while living in the past.

I’ve been reflecting on who I was and who I wanted to be and who I am now… and wondering if my life choices in the past year have added or subtracted to this idea of this woman I have always wanted to be. It may sound ridiculous, but it may be the only way to move forward and live authentically and true to myself and I think if we don’t reevaluate our current life against the life we want, we’ll be caught in a constant loop of sameness without ever living up to our potential.

Sometimes I’m so hard on myself, it keeps me from moving forward. Sometimes I’m stuck in an emotional state that also keeps me from moving forward. Holding onto what could have been or what should have been just creates chaos and doesn’t actually help get you to a new level of what is.

I am constantly worried about falling into the past, making choices that I’ve made before because it’s comfortable or feels different, when in reality, it’s exactly the same. And sometimes things that look new and shiny and offer an escape from all the chaos, force me into that world of illusion, where you dream about how things will be instead of seeing the truth.

I’m not sure how to really know the difference without comparing my present life to my past life — or if feelings and emotions should overrule logical thinking altogether. Sometimes I’m not sure which to trust because both get twisted into a facade that looks exactly like what I thought I always wanted… but then everything changes.

I was listening to this talk the other day which was all-encompasing, but there was a part about how your environment can consistently remind you of who you are, and if you’re trying to change, move forward, and evolve, then you also have to change your environment, and it gave me a new perspective on letting go of the attachment I have to my house, selling it and moving to a new environment.

If your personality creates your personal reality and you walk back into your life every single day and you see the same people and visit the same places and you do the same things at the exact same time, then it’s your external environment turning on different circuits in your brain causing you to think equal to everything you know.

And as long as your same environment reminds you of who you are and you’re thinking equal to your environment then your personal reality is creating your personality and there’s a dance between the biology in your inner world and the experience in your outer world and that tango is called karma.

be greater than your environment
be greater than the conditions in your world
be greater than the circumstances in your life

To have a vision, an idea, a dream, and to begin to no longer keep doing the same things – because all the adversity in our life is to initiate us into greatness, to call out something greater within us.

~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

floral romper_summer style_big hair_vintage chanel

floral romper_summer style_big hair_vintage chanel

floral romper_summer style_big hair_vintage chanel

floral romper_summer style_big hair_vintage chanel

Happy Monday Lovecats!

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