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DIY Wedding Shrug Jacket for Brides or Maids …{it’s not finished}

DIY Wedding Shrug from a T-shirt {unfinished}

I began this project at the end of September 2010 …got a shoulder done and realized just how time consuming it actually was. I worked on it Sundays during football through the end of October but then the Holidays hit and I haven’t had a second to revisit the project since {especially knowing there was no end in sight}. I truly am in love with it however and will finish it …eventually. I thought it would be a perfect DIY if you’re getting married next Fall or Winter …begin now and you’ll be done by then!

Here’s What You’ll Need…

diy wedding shrug from t-shirt-1

* A fitted white or ivory T-shirt …preferably with cap sleeves. You may also choose to use a jacket or shrug you already have and/or sew one up yourself if you’ve got the skills. However, the T-shirt works quite well. I used the burnout one because it’s the only one I had.
* 4-10 yards of sheer fabric – I’ve gone through about 2 yards so far, depending on how close you’re stitching your fabric pieces together, you’ll need more or less than 8 yards. I may need 10yards at the rate I’m going. I’m using a sheer polyester in ivory
* Pen/Scissors/Matching Thread and needle

{This would also be adorable for all your bridesmaids in a similar or lighter hue to the dresses they’re wearing, especially if they’re strapless}

* This is the same technique as my Baby Couture Ruffled Onesie & my Pouf Sleeve Top


diy wedding shrug from t-shirt-2

* Sketch an outline of your shrug on your T …try it on first and mark just below your bust as where you’ll draw the length out. It will shorten a bit but it’s always better to start out long and trim away than do all the work and have it be too short or too small. Draw a straight line down the center …and a corresponding line across the back as well. NOTE: If you have a shrug or jacket already, skip this step, obviously.

diy wedding shrug from t-shirt-3

* Cut along your pattern.

diy wedding shrug from t-shirt-4

* This is how it should look

diy wedding shrug from t-shirt-5

* Snip and Rip your sheer fabric, beginning by removing the selvage. You want the frayed edges. Don’t worry about they fraying too much. This is what gives it that romantic/vintage look. Make your strips about 2 inches wide.

diy wedding shrug from t-shirt-6

* Create approximately 2x2inch squares by cutting down your strips.

DIY petal flowers tutorial

* Fold and pinch your squares, run a stitch or two through the bottom to create a flower-lik effect, then hand stitch each one at a time to your t-shirt as close together as needed as to not see any of the t-shirt through the petals.

DIY Petal tutorial 1

* Begin stitching at the top of your shoulders and work down and out. Your squares should be close enough together that no part of the t-shirt is visible through. AND you’re going to do THE ENTIRE T-SHIRT. No t-shirt will be showing when it’s complete.

DIY petal tutorial 2

* Remove the tag with a seam ripper 🙂

diy petal tutorial 3

* The underside will look a little like brains. Make sure while you’re stitching that you’re not pulling or gathering the t-shirt. Once you have enough done, the shirt will feel thicker and sort of morph into molded creation …if that makes any sense. {also, if you’ve got skills, you can line it and hide all of this}

And… Voila!

Though I’m nowhere NEAR finished!

DIY Petal Wedding Shrug from a T-shirt

DIY Petal Wedding Shrug from a T-shirt

DIY Petal Wedding Shrug from a T-shirt

As you can see, this project will take you forever {I’m still not done with it!} – that’s a lot of shirt to cover …so start now!

Have Fun!

* I will publish a final post with photos when I finish …IF I ever finish!

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