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Boots with Chains …& a baby ball bag




I didn’t realize when I purchased both of these items that they would match until this morning when I decided to post about them …and now seeing them together makes me like each even more.

Originally I was going to ask you if I should keep both …when usually I am sure, both of these had issues ..that is, again, until I saw them next to each other.

I got the boots from bloomingdales.com …they’re Dolce Vita Gray Flash Bootie {10$ cheaper at amazon & still have many sizes in gray} …and in theory, I love them. They have two problems however. 1. The left bootie arrived with a defect on the heel. They were rubbed somehow after production …and I can only tell that because the plastic heel topper is rubbed as well. Now, I don’t really mind the look of this and thinking of sending them back and waiting for a new pair is the number one reason I still have them {two weeks now -sitting in my office}. The #2 problem is the angle at which they arch. You sort of sit back on the heel which, I must admit, makes them more comfortable, but less flattering on the legs. Now, I’ll probably be wearing them with more pants than skirts so it may not matter …but still, do I chose comfort over looks? Not usually. But I do like these.

The leather baby ball bag is Olivia Harris {by Joy Gryson} which I snatched from gilt.com and was just delivered a day or two ago …and really didn’t love it until about 20 minutes ago paired with the shoes. They are a perfect match. I’d actually love to add a few dark silver chains to it and I think that would make all the difference. The straps are really long so it’s perfect over the chest as a little messenger style ball bag.

I am now definitely on the keeping them side of the fence …what do you think?

*also noted after photoging this -my tan is fading …which is a true sign that summer is indeed over. boo. hoo.

**also. Happy December.

***also. Thank you for your comments yesterday. 🙂


Maegan Tintari

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