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Bracelet Reminders on My Wrist Like Tattoos on my Skin

bracelet reminders

The husband and I have been wearing our Nike+ Fuelbands since January {2014} and they have truly motivated us to make fitness a priority… every single day!

I wrote a little bit about them mid-January in my Black & Rose Gold Manicure, which was actually inspired by my Fuelband, and we are still going strong nearly three months later. V at Grit & Glamour asked for a review, so this is in response to her really 😉

We’ve always tried to be more active in our daily lives, even just by getting a good walk in every day, but until the Fuelband, it was sort of an if we have time thought instead of let’s make sure to make time every single day. Now that we’re living in the mountains, our walks are more like hikes and we’ve gone from 1-3 walks a week to 5-7 walks a week since having the Fuelband motivator. And we’re really so proud of ourselves, lol!

We also take dance breaks as I mentioned the other day in my outfit post, about 2-3 times a day to “win the hour” which we love! Since we both work from home and tend to sit at our desks A LOT the “win the hour” has motivated us to get up at the end/beginning of every OTHER hour and dance around our living room to whatever music is our fave at the moment… right now it’s Britney’s “You Better Work, Bitch” and Pharrell’s “Happy” and “Hunter” and after dancing to those three songs {and usually completely out of breath and sweating}, we’ve logged in a little over 13 minutes of high energy dancing, winning fuelpoints and two hours, and getting a nice fun little break from our work.

We usually begin at the :53 {end of one hour} and finish at the :06 {beginning of the next hour}. Working from home does make this is a little easier, but if you’re at a job, you can go take a 5 minute break and run or walk the stairs in your building, walk around the block, or simply lock yourself in the bathroom with your head phones and dance for five minutes, lol.

You do have to commit, like anything else, it’s a lifestyle change, and exactly what we needed. Our main goal of the day is that we hit our {nike goal} of 2500 fuel points and usually we go over it. My average is about 3000 a day and the husband’s is nearly 5000 fuel points a day. Once you start, you find any small activity as a chance to earn more points!

You can program it to show whatever you want including steps, calories, etc., but I basically just keep my nike fuel points, my hours won, and the time on it, and use the Nike+ app on my phone to check my progress throughout the day. On weeks where I’m a bit less busy with work, I aim to get one of the fun trophies like, “Get 1500 fuelpoints at lunch time” or a weekly one like “Win 8 hours 7 days a week” and that adds a little extra fun to it as well.

Again, we have been trying to make fitness a priority in our house since we stopped playing Dance Dance Revolution back in 2009 {which omg was the best workout ever and so much fun I can’t even stand it} but nothing has motivated us to really make it a priority until the Fuelbands. And I feel so much stronger because of it. The daily hikes have added muscle and strength back to my body that I haven’t seen in years and we’re eating healthier as well.

Overall it’s a WIN WIN!


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Vintage Rick Rack Bracelets…

vintage rick rack

I speak with my life coach Joy Stone every two weeks and she is amazing. I’ve spoken about her here and here, but the term life coach just doesn’t do her justice, she is my teacher, my mentor into seeking a more meaningful life, and sometimes I wish I could talk to her every single day!

During our last conversation, we spoke about anxiety, how to discover the debilitating thoughts that signal {my specific} anxiety and panic to occur, how to refocus those thoughts on command, and reframe my overall thoughts, and she suggested that I tie a ribbon around my wrist as a reminder.

In fact, she suggested I tie three ribbons around my wrist as a reminder… and since my Nike+ Fuelband is working as such a great reminder, and the tattooed hearts on my wrists work as reminders as well, I figured adding a few more reminders wouldn’t hurt either.

I searched all my DIY supplies for “friendship bracelet string” but could not find it… instead, I found my grandma’s vintage Rick Rack trim and decided it was an even better choice. I simply tied them in knots, that will probably fray sooner than later and I’ll need new ones, but that’s okay. For now, they’re all working in unison to help me to remember the things that are most important in my life, to practice the things that are most meaningful to me, refocus the negative repetitive thoughts to positive ones, remember that I have a choice in each and every moment how I react to situations, and to live each and every day in accordance with my values and goals.

bracelet reminders nike

And it’s all working.

* Cheers to bracelet reminders, finding fitness fun, living a healthier life, and evolving mind, body, and spirit! Happy Saturday Lovecats!


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