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Luke Jervis | Regal Pet Portraits + ‘Pug With Pipe’ Art Print Giveaway

If you’re a long-time reader {Thanks, You! :} but also, you may know this story already and can skip to the Pug with Pipe art print giveaway at the bottom!


In the Fall of 2010, I wrote a blog post titled: Wanted: Victorian Dog Portrait Artist and in the Summer of 2012 a young art student in the UK, just finishing University, found my post and emailed me one of his recent works of an amazingly detailed dressed up koala bear and I was in love. His artisitic style was exaclty what I was looking for in a custom Victorian art dog portrait.

His name was Luke Jervis and I think he is talented beyond belief!

I simply emailed Luke photos of my dogs, Bebop and LeRoy, he worked on a few mock-ups & sent me his ideas, then got to work and a few months later, a brown paper package tied up in strings {literally} arrived on my doorstep and within were my two boys captured in time and presented in two fabulously ornate gold frames. { Click here to see closeups and the dogs side by side their portraits }

They originally hung in the game room/den of our old house…

family room-union jack flag print-gold stump tables-victorian dog portraits

In our new house, they are hanging vertically in our long slanted hallway and every time I walk by I either stop to look at them or smile as I pass by. Now that LeRoy is gone, they have even more meaning and you better believe that Luke will be working on a few portraits of the new puppies as well ! {when they’ve matured a little bit, of course}

victorian dog portraits-pug-frenchie

I’m so honored that Bebop and LeRoy were Luke’s first portraits, but since then he has done nearly 50 more! You can see a few of them below… NOTE: he works with you to decide what kind of attire you’d like your regal pet to be wearing… I love how he really captures each pet’s personality.

luke jervis custom pet portraits

* To commission your own custom pet portrait go to Luke Jervis Portraits
* Find Luke Jervis on Facebook to see more of his works as well as personal photos sent in from his clients.

Luke is now selling limited edition “Pug with Pipe” signed prints that you can buy in his online shop and has offered to let me give away as well! Aren’t they adorable!?

Luke Jervis Pug with Pipe art print

Leave a Comment if You’d Like to Enter to Win A Pug With Pipe Print!

Please note that the prints are NOT framed, but signed by the artist and editioned on the reverse.


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