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Chanel Inspired Victorian Collar DIYruffled neck piece, necksessory …or scarf

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Chanel | Karla









…large with large flower pin


…little one, pinned with two flower pins



*Notes: I used this peachy pink vintage fabric that I’ve had for 100 years …actually, I think it was originally my mom’s. I remember using it for a project in an pattern-making class in my early 20’s. However, I would have preferred to mix it with a similar hued chiffon to add a new texture to it …but it was too late to make a trip to the fabric store. I usually like to go through and use what I have before buying anything new …and I was lucky to finally be able to use the rest of this fabric. {I’m guessing it’s from the 80’s}
* The original length of 80″ shrunk to 44″ {large} and 40″ {small}
* Wear them separately or together. I liked the idea of two different pieces that I could wear together if I wanted a bigger/fluffier neck.
* Create edgy flower pins with your left-over material. Use them to pin scarves in place to create a collar that stays put.
* I actually created a hand-full of modern Victorian collars about a year ago for my then-etsy shop. If you’ve been following me for that long, you may remember 😉
* A Thank You to Pam, a lovely reader who emailed me in September and asked that I do this DIY. Apologies for the time delay 😉 …but thanks for the inspiration!

* Have Fun!



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