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Completely Gratuitous Outfit / Vintage Dress Madmen Vibes

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“Sunnies” {I DIE} Tom Ford
Happy Friday!
{but actually, this was yesterday}
at work, ibooth ~ thanks imac!
{click to enlarge, of course}

jewel toned dress ~ vintage

belt ~ vintage: green leather/gold chain buckle
manicure ~ OPI “Have you seen my limo”
chipped ~ KLASSY

This dress has not a single tag. It’s thick~ish material is most likely a polyester blend and it’s about two sizes too big. When I found it, I had high hopes in changing it into a mod mini and adding something spectacular to the neckline.

…sometimes procrastination is rewarding because when I tried it on with the belt {about a year later}, I fell in love. I just pull all the extra material from the sides to the back and it works.

Cousin It
This is what my hair looks like when I do not blow it dry. I try to scrunch it but it’s really straight so basically, I just don’t brush it after washing it. I call it my “beachy” look. It’s really just barely passable. But I don’t like drying my hair unless I have to.

There is really no better way {at work} to show you my shoes when wearing a dress but it looks like I’m doing the freaking Can Can.

earrings ~ gold leaf {gift}
I added a gold collar necklace but it seemed like too much with the belt. I hate wearing bracelets to work because they clackCLACKclack on my desk when I type …ugh. kill.

bag ~ marc by Marc Jacobs 2008
shoes ~ marc by Marc Jacobs 2006 {wedding shoes}
manicure ~ OPI “Siberian Nights” …{I bring my own so I can do touch-ups at home} clearly, I’m not keeping up with my mani
{after work}

closest color matches

{alien ship is coming for me}
Dear World’s Best Boss,

If you ever happen to come across this blog and see any of my outfit posts, I just want to say that I am truly sorry for using work time …but, I’m very quick ~ like warp speed!

Also, I apologize for being late this week, but you’ve been in Europe and the traffic has been unbearable.


p.s. Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter the tote bag giveaway …ends tomorrow!

p.s.s. Have a Great Weekend!

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