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Completely Gratuitous Outfit Post






What I’m Wearing
* Walter dress I just scored from Gilt/Fuse …the print on this dress reminds me so so much of the 90’s …and I love the shoulder details. I belted it with my favorite vintage skinny stretch belt.
* Vintage soft light beige blazer -tag: Kasper for ASL …last seen hereBEST seen here
* Forever 21 black cotton leggings
* House of Harlow 1960 black leather and gold necklace …last seen here …originally purchased last summer from but now Amazon has it …I heart amazon. they seriously have everything. Did I mention I did 97% of my Christmas shopping on I only went to two actual shops by foot. rad, I know.
* Boutique 9 Charissa Over The Knee Boot -blackover the knee leather black boots with a wooden heel and buckles …these may just be my new favorites. I love the chunky wood heel and buckles which remind me equally of the 70’s and of Chloe, and I love that they cut my knee off instead of being completely over the knee and thigh high. They are perfect. If I wasn’t saving my husband’s hard earned $$ I’d get them in every color. {although they photograph much shinier than they are in reality ..all black leather does actually, and I don’t like it at all really}
* Tom Ford sunglasses …did I mention I finally got the ones I’ve been dying for and I don’t like them at all? I twittered it. I’m so sad because I was so in love with them …they just don’t look the way I want them to look …the search goes on.
* Ferragamo hobo
* Hair: slept in a French braid …took out with fingers/did not brush



The problem with finding great lighting and great locations to shoot my outfit shots is I end up liking too many of them because of the scenery and colors …however, I look pissed off or scared in almost every shot. I wasn’t either so I’m perplexed, literally. My first location was maybe my favorite. 1. Because it was new, 2. Because I was in love with the light. But immediately after setting my camera up on my car, a car pulled into the very next driveway and I didn’t really want an audience, so this was the one and only shot I got …walking back towards my car after spying them. That may have been the culprit for the bitchy looks in the next location …which actually had different but nice lighting as well.

The last local was near the top of Benedict Canyon …you’ve seen it before here and here. I always love how the sun reflects here in the late afternoon. It’s so magical.



so, apologies for the photo overload. LA was so pretty yesterday …and you know I love these boots!

* * * * *

This morning upon entering our parking garage at about 8:10am, a man yelled to me “It happened again” …his window was shattered and his car was rummaged. I immediately looked at mine …no broken glass but my alarm key wasn’t unlocking my door either. It was already open. But when I opened the door, the light didn’t come on as usual so I thought someone was still in there. {yes, I go straight to horror film scenarios} I left my bag on the seat and walked around and as I walked up my passenger side, I noticed my husband’s brand new-yet-to-have-plates-2010 Prius passenger window smashed. Glass all over. Ugh.

After running back upstairs and into the house, notifying husband, I got in my car and realized it had be rummaged as well. The reason they didn’t break the glass is because thanks to a faulty trunk/hatch/whatever which gets stuck without my realization leaving my car unlocked/unarmed of which I was unaware. They just opened the door. Items stolen: two pairs of Chanel sunglasses, silver Ray ban aviators, ipod cord {I never leave the ipod} and my work gate/key/opener. The only thing they took from my husband’s car, after causing $550 worth of damage were his shop keys …and my spare car key. Awesome.

1. They are clearly idiots. They had my car key in their possession and they left my car. 2. At least they didn’t steal my car 3. They could come back and take it tonight. 4. WTF?!?!?!? 5. We are 2 WEEKS FROM MOVING. 6. Anger. 7. Our move to the new house has just been scheduled for this weekend instead of next. 8. Hopefully. 9. LA was so pretty yesterday and now I just hate it again.



Maegan Tintari

LA native & lifestyle blogger Maegan Tintari writes daily at sharing beauty & style secrets, including fashion DIYs, how-to nail art manicures, hair tutorials, recipes & home decorating ideas, as well as a look into her personal life, her journey & battle with infertility & recent relocation to the mountains by a lake in search of a better life with her adorable French Bulldog brothers, Trevor and Randy.

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  1. LOVE the photos! The light is so lovely, dramatic, and flattering. No apology needed — keep ’em coming. 🙂

  2. We had our car window smashed and things stolen from it this past year. We felt so violated, and I was so angry. I’m sorry you had that experience, too. I would bet that they are pussies who just smash and grab…they probably wouldn’t even bother trying to steal a car (most likely because they don’t know to). Good luck with your move. It sounds like you just got more validation that this move is coming at the perfect time for you!

  3. OMG! I can’t believe that shit! I’m dying that they took your Chanels! Of course, the window be bashed sucks incredibly.

    Does this mean my bday plans will need to be moved to another location?

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the cars! I have been there. ON a more happy note….love the boots!

  5. Why can’t people leave other persons posessions alone? Sorry about the break ins 🙁

    Only the thought of people breaking into my car gives me the shivers….

  6. that really sucks about your cars…it’s creepy knowing someone was rummaging around in your stuff.

    love the outfit shots…

  7. Sorry to hear about your husbands car, that really sucks!! 🙁

    I love the outfit, and the location photos are gorgeous!

  8. very sorry to hear about the break-in….it is a horrible feeling. I also hate that whomever took your Chanel glasses…

  9. love the shoulders on that dress

  10. Damn that sux about getting your car busted into. Nothing worse then getting a fav pair of sunglasses stolen!

    At least you are moving soon.

  11. I can’t even imagine that happening! I’m so sorry! What cowards. I have no patience for people you steal. Ridiculous.

  12. Oh doll, how incredibly stressful. My husband and I had our house broken into and both cars stolen while I was visiting friends in NYC a couple of years ago. It was hell.

    Glad you’re getting out of there soon …

  13. Ugh! That totally sucks about your cars! What morons! At least you’ll be out of there really soon!

    And I am in love w/ those boots. 🙂

  14. Oh, that is terrible. So sorry to hear about the cars. But how great that you will be out of there very soon…

  15. OMG, fml x65. i’m so sorry that happened to you! hopefully you can get out of there this weekend..

  16. Thats a real downer about the break-in.

    Happier note, those boots are to die for!!

  17. I love the photos in the canyon- STUNNING!

  18. GORGEOUS! I really love this look!

  19. sorry to hear…they will get their karma!

    loving the outfit…hottness! (reposting it on my blog, bc im obsessed..)

    boots are to die for….

    love it!


  20. love those new shitkickers!! radical!!

    and getting robbed by losers is iNFURIATING. i hope they get caught, locked up, and ass raped into eternity.

  21. I love your dress, especially paired with the blazer. I am so sorry they broke into the car. I hate humanity sometimes. xoxo

  22. The perfect French bedhead look via French braid. LOVE IT.

  23. Beautiful as always, love the boots!

  24. I…Think…I..Need…

    That break in the cars parked in the garage thing is going around.
    Just happened to family/friends who live in Honolulu. They never lock anything, and keep their wallet in their car wherever they are; just their general rule…though not any more.

    I never leave anything in my car, ever(not ever an old paper coffee cup), because that has happened to me before. Usually they take the whole car, and everything in it.

    Beware, these are desperate times for all kinds of folks.

  25. So glamorous even the slept-in hair!
    Love how everything is detailed.

  26. So beautiful…these boots..OMG just FAB’

  27. great boots and great photos. and you always look awesome!

  28. gosh, that sucks. Take a small amount of comfort in the fact that you are wearing really wicked boots in these pics. That’s what I would do…

  29. I LOVE YOUR BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Confession: I will copy this outfit tomorrow because I just bought black boots and I have a verrrry similar top.

    You’re all sassy in that first picture, love it!

  31. I’m so sorry for the rough day. Glad you’re moving sooner rather than later, though… time to get out of there.

    And like everyone else has already said, you looked fabulous. That has to count for something, right? 🙂

    Good luck with the move.

  32. holy crud. That sucks. BTDT. Hope your move goes well.

    glad to be back in the circuit though. I have missed my favorite bloggers!!!! Dude, over 2400 followers? Awesome!

  33. A. People suck.
    B. This happens here in Columbus, OH, too.
    C. Thankfully, you were not hurt.
    D. It’s okay to be angry.

    Hope it gets better!! If this is the worst thing that happens to you in all of 2010, you are in for a great year!!

  34. that sucks, i’m so sorry

    but…that dress is awesome and i love those boots!!!

  35. Oy Vey… That’s awful. I’m so sorry that you and your husband have to deal with that. Does your new house have a garage? My boyfriend and I live in a house in a quiet part of the valley and still, the one night he left his car out of the garage, someone ripped his fog lights off. It’s unfortunate that people sink to such lows. Good luck with the move!

  36. you in those boots….omg…

    I can see them flying of the counters…


  37. Wow. What a day. I feel for you.

    But…at least you looked AMAZING! (but you always do)

    Strangely enough, I wore a similar outfit today: leggings, high boots, oversized top, blazer. I channeled you hardcore.

    But still, stay strong girl! Karma suuucks…

  38. so so sorry to hear about your car 🙁 thats terrible. hopefully they won’t return! and im glad no one was still in there… i would have though the same thing.

    i am jealous of your LA sunshine though, your photos are all beautiful!

  39. those boots are ferosh. like, woah.

  40. WTF?! I can’t believe that story! I hope they catch whoever has been doing that. But thankfully neither of your cars were stolen! 🙂

  41. That sucks girl!!!! Sorry.

  42. sorry to hear about your crazy incident…I don’t understand people sometimes…Karma will get them

    but i love your boots & blazer A lot!

  43. I had my truck broken into a month ago, they ripped off my tool set and all my music. The thing is that it was in our underground secured parking where we live, I blame our neighbor Kelly who leaves her trash outside her door to take out “later” and blares Chaka Khan all weekend.

  44. I literally just died when I saw those boots on you. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I think I am going to get them- can I ask if they are true to size, or if you would recommend going one higher or lower?! XOXO

  45. Lovely outfit and I love the light in the pictures!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Love the boots!

    Sorry to hear about the vehicles being broken into and stuff taken.

    It is frustrating as all you can do is file a police report and a claim with your insurance. When several of us that attended a company party had our vehicles broken into and items stolen (they got my purse and they had even tried to take my son’s car seat) when the police were called all that we were told is to call back a certain number between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday to file a report to give our insurance company – they made no effort to try to catch the offenders. I believe what goes around comes around and someday the offenders will get theirs ten fold.

  47. you are great!
    all your post are fab!

  48. Eek, how awful about the car.

    I love your jacket, it is so gorgeous.

  49. wooooo cute boots! i like this whole 90s look…a lot. they’re not quite over-the-knee but they work.

  50. So sorry about you misfortune…

    You boots are amazing though and I love the light on the pictures..

  51. Idy says:

    I’m sorry you were robbed by losers. I wish the same things Droll girl wished.
    And you look nice. Honestly, I’ve missed the photos so so much I don’t mind if the post is heavy on pictures.
    Be well my friend..

  52. I really love the boots! They are fab! Xxx

  53. I didn’t read all the comments to see if someone had suggested this, but if your husband (or you) know anything about cars, tonight, you could disable something under the hood (the battery might be a little obvious), but that way if someone tried to steal your car, it wouldn’t start. And I doubt they’d spend the time to pop the hood. Good luck!

  54. the boots are fierce! I love the whole outfit…as usual 🙂

  55. OMG, sweetie, I am so sorry that happened to you. How scary and horrible! Thank god the cars weren’t taken, but still. Yay for moving early- you need to get out of there.

    Ok, on a positive your outfit is amazing and I love those boots! Thanks for all the photos- they are so beautiful!

    Much love,

  56. OMG. What a nightmare! You must be beyond thrilled that you are moving this weekend (hopefully).

    Also, I am in love with those boots and think that I need them asap.

  57. Very Cute 😉

  58. Oh what a shit thing to happen! I have been broken into maybe three or four times now and it never gets easier or less devastating. Especially when you are in a good mood and have so much shit on your plate! I am truly sorry to hear this – totally sucks. Keep your head up and try not to get to horror movie paranoid!!!


  59. I am WAY too addicted to Amazon and those boots are sooooooo yummy!

  60. LOVE the boyfriend blazer over that dress! And those boots are killer 🙂 Wish it was as warm here as it looks where you are!

  61. Sorry to hear about your cars and belongings! I hope they find who is doing this, and I hope the guy doesn’t come back for your car. Sounds like the sooner you move, the better.

  62. If your key was in HIS car, they may not know what car it opens… especially if your garage has lots of cars. If they were smart, they would not be smashing windows. Also, they would be super-stupid to return to the same place twice, but I would not bet on them, since most thieves get caught by repeating the same MO over and over.

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