Fall outfits my style

Completely Gratuitous + Weekend Roundup

It’s finally a little chilly today!

Purple Dress: Forever 21
Black Leggings: Forever 21
Black Thin Turtleneck: Nordstrom {brand?}
Boots: Dolce Vita ~ ebay
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Outfit …eh, just so so …but very comfy!

I forgot earrings this morning and was rushing a bit. I also wanted to belt this dress but the two that I tried on didn’t work so I left it tent-like. I am definitely going to have to get up earlier during the week or plan out my outfits on the weekend …lol.

* * * Weekend Roundup * * *

*This weekend was meant to be very productive however, I spent much of my time online and on the Xbox playing hexic {the new avatars are adorable!}.

*I wanted to go thrift shopping but Saturday Murphy’s Law was getting the best of me so I thought it best to just go back home and stay there.

*I did give our two Betta fishes a new environment to swim in. FedEx seems to have lost his top fin which has now morphed into a big whitish lump. He’s now a humpback betta.

*Here’s my review of the Sephora heated eyelash curler: Don’t buy it. It did not work.

*Sunday evening as I went out to walk LeRoy I found a 20$ on the ground and picked it up thinking it was a single. I held it by my two fingers the entire walk as if it were going to poison me and by the time I got back I felt badly about keeping it. I wanted to tape a little note up on the mailboxes but then I realized I was being crazy and it was just lucky. So, I’ll take the twenty and buy 20$ worth of lottery tickets and give half to a charity …okay, maybe only 20% lol.

*I found this on etsy after finding the awesome knitted chain necklace and fell in love.

*I feel like I’m forgetting something which I’m sure I’ll remember right after I hit publish.

* * * Happy Short Week! * * *

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