Customized Eyelash Curler Made Using a 3D Scanning App

customized eyelash curler

First let me start by saying, THIS IS INCREDIBLY GENIUS as far as beauty products are concerned, and I’m hoping this project gets funded because I WANT a customized eyelash curler for my specific eyes and shape, desperately.

At the moment and for years now, I’ve been using the shorty Japonesque precision eyelash curler and have to curl my short, straight lashes, in three sections and about three times each at different points during my makeup routine, to get them to really do what I want them to do. With a custom eyelash curler that fits my individual eye shape, I’m hoping to not only get the perfect curl, but to lessen the amount of times I’d have to use this tool to get my lashes to stay up AND eliminate the accidental eyelid pinching that happens when I’m not being super careful.

A little info about the VOIR custom eyelash curler…

customized VOIR eyelash curler

Voir Custom Eyelash Curler is designed specifically by Adele Bakhtiarova (molecular-biologist-turned-entrepreneur, previously worked in stem cell biology, drug discovery and DNA sequencing fields at companies such as Novartis, Genentech, Ipierian and Halcyon Molecular) to fit individual eye shape using 3D imagery obtained with a mobile app. How cool is that!?

Voir Creations technology is based on the 3D reconstruction of a face to design the custom parts of the eyelash curler based on the shape of individual eyes. The 3D image reconstruction is achieved by stitching together photos of a persons face obtained from different angles using the Voir mobile app. The attachment of the curling mechanism redesigned to be bars-free which eliminates pinching of the eyelid. Low profile parts prevent the curler from jamming into the cheek. Lightweight handles designed for better comfort and control. Stay-in-place pad that doesn’t pop out and which is made out of soft flexible silicone that produces natural C-like curl, without crimping or making your lashes L-shaped.

Voir Creations Custom Eyelash Curler Features

The process works in 3 steps:

1) A customer downloads the Voir app and follows simple instructions to take a series of pictures of her face;

2) The pictures obtained are processed on Voir servers to create a 3D model of the customer’s face and the eye shape is analyzed and measured;

3) Custom components are designed according to the shape and measurements of the customer’s eyes to produce the Voir Custom Eyelash Curler that fits the customer.

Watch the video to see for yourself how cool this would be…

Can’t see the video, click here: First Customized Eyelash Curler Made Using a 3D Scanning App

Find out more information at Kickstarter / Customized Eyelash Curler by VOIR and when you “back the project” you’re also placing a special order for your own customized eyelash curler!


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